September 2015: Resolve


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Welcome to the September 2015 edition of PARVATI MAGAZINE.

As the summer turns cooler, the days shorten, and people close their cottages to get back to work, September can feel like a month of new beginnings. Whether or not we are students or teachers, this time is the mark of a New Year for many. It is a time in which we lay out plans and make resolutions for the coming months.

Yet for many, the good intentions set at the beginning of September may derail even before October’s first frosts. Understanding how to keep our resolves is a question of clarity, focus, and knowing our truest joy.

In this issue of Parvati Magazine, on the theme “Resolve”, you will find articles to help you set your course for the life you love to live.


Positive Possibilities


Positive Possibilities: Three Steps and Three Touchstones for Wise Decisions, by Parvati Devi

Here are three steps and three touchstones to help you make empowered decisions in your life so that you can create the life you love. Take a moment as you

August 27, 2015



Seven Steps to Resolve Conflicts at Work, by Rishi Deva

Regardless of whether we choose to inflict, avoid or engage in conflict, it is inevitable that it will happen at work. Being able to resolve conflict is part of true

August 26, 2015


Neha talk Rx

Wellness: TalkRx, with Dr. Neha Sangwan

Parvati Magazine interviewed Dr. Neha Sangwan, the author of TalkRx, on the power of communication to support health. Parvati Magazine: You seem to have a strong background in science and

August 27, 2015
Julie Rammal fitness

Arts and Culture


Film: Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, as reviewed by Eva Ryder

While we at Parvati Magazine are fans of arty and thought-provoking work, we also believe in accessibility of the message. To this end, we asked our 17-year-old friend Eva Ryder

August 27, 2015
Resilience cover
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