Summer 2014: Freedom and Delight

Welcome to the summer 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine This issue has a double theme: Freedom and Delight.

My summer has been both delightful and full of fresh insights that have given me a sense of new-found freedom. Since the last Parvati Magazine publication, we launched my new website. We hosted a preview party of my soon-to-be released music video “Yoga in the Nightclub”. We are in post-production for a second music video for my song “Shanti Om”. (Please watch the teasers!)

On a personal level, my spiritual teacher Amma recently blessed me by officiating my wedding to my long-time partner Rishi Deva. I am now married!

Being free means we can experience delight in the wonder and beauty of every moment in this human existence.

May the articles this month inspire you towards your own sense of freedom and help you to feel delight in every day.

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Positive Possibilities

pos pos lotuses and Blue sky

Positive Possibilities: The Absolute Freedom of Enlightenment, by Parvati Devi

I understand enlightenment to be part of every human being’s destiny. We each are called to this state, to reach the “goal” (as some traditions call it) at some point

July 24, 2014


business taking tie off web

Business: The Freedom of Being an Entrepreneur, by Rishi Deva

Many people work towards a retirement plan, hoping that freedom will come after we get the proverbial gold watch. Books like “The Wealthy Barber” suggest that the path to freedom

July 23, 2014
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Arts and Culture


Music: The Rentals, by Rishi Deva

In September 1994, I had just graduated university and started my first real job, at an indie record label in Toronto. Apart from helping many bands, one of the biggest

July 23, 2014
film grand budapest hotel web
On the road to freedom web

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      February 22, 2014
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