November 2015: Luminosity


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Welcome to the November 2015 edition of PARVATI MAGAZINE.

Daylight Savings Time has ended and the nights are lengthening on their way to the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet, even as darkness seems to increase, luminosity is not only possible - it is our destiny.

As we come to fully experience that our essence and everything within and around us is one with unlimited consciousness, we realize our true, divine nature. One who truly understands and lives within this reality loves all things equally and sees all things equally, because to him, all is undivided consciousness, not separate from himself, or anything that is.

This month’s issue contains articles to celebrate your luminous self and your interconnection with all on our beautiful planet. Enjoy!


Positive Possibilities


Positive Possibilities: Enlightenment – Illuminated Understanding, by Parvati Devi

Enlightenment is a part of everyone’s destiny. We each are called to this state at some point through our many incarnations. The process of our soul’s evolution involves a purification

November 1, 2015



Business: The Happiness Coach, by Rishi Deva

The popular phrase “nice guys finish last” leaks its way into the world of business. Those who are determined not to be left at the bottom of the hiring ladder,

November 1, 2015


Lumie Arabica SAD Light

Wellness: Illuminate the Winter Blues

As the days shorten in the Northern Hemisphere, the lack of strong daylight can affect mood for many people. While we don’t depend on sunshine in the same way that

November 1, 2015
Ryan Hurst Play

Arts and Culture


Films that Illuminate

  This month in Parvati Magazine, we share two films that play with light and visuals. Pan is a prequel to the Peter Pan story. It opens with a young

November 1, 2015
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Raury cover art


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