May 2016: Nurturing (Read the Full Issue)

Welcome to the May 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine.

When we were children, we instinctively called for our mother to help us up after we took a spill, or to soothe our aching hearts. Our mother was to come and wrap us up with that perfect embrace, whisper the perfect words that were to help us find our way back to wholeness. Or so we hoped.

Whether we had a “perfect” childhood or one with more complexity, as we mature, we eventually come to realize that we must learn to love and nurture ourselves, the way our mothers would or could have done, so that we may experience total health and well-being. May this month’s articles inspire you to nurture your self in all ways.


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Thank you for reading the May 2016 issue of Parvati Magazine!

Whether or not we learned the ability to love, care and soothe from our mother or from a mother-like figure in our lives, at some point we must awaken the universal mother within our own hearts. She will carry us through our entire life, long after our biological mother is gone.

Shakti is the dynamic energy, traditionally considered feminine, that moves through the universe. We can see representations of Her through various fertility figures in many religious traditions all over the world. The Primordial Mother is responsible for creation and is the agent of change. She is within and of the universe itself, interdependent on all of creation. She is the force to which we return, from which we come and that supports our evolution. She nurtures us in all ways, at all times.

See yourself as part of a great unfolding creative process, of which you are an integral part, perfectly supported, nurtured and loved, within this universe which is an expression of the universal Mother.

Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.


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