Since 2011, Parvati Magazine has been a free monthly resource for awakened living, created in a spirit of love and service.The name of the magazine is not about an individual person but a celebration of the goddess Parvati in Her incarnation as the awakened Earth. At this time, Parvati Magazine is also totally dedicated to the realization of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. MAPS is a simple, effective and inspiring opportunity to protect the critical yet vulnerable Arctic Ocean ecosystem which affects us all.

Parvati Magazine is managed and written by an all-volunteer crew. Editorial and production staff give their time and talent to help realize MAPS, while building a regular source of information and inspiration for all who seek to live an awakened life.

At this time, Parvati Magazine has openings for volunteer editors in the Fitness, Beauty and Fashion columns. For further information about editorial guidelines: submit@parvatimagazine.com

Parvati Magazine is pleased to run advertisements for our contributors. Other potential advertisers should contact ads@parvatimagazine.com for ad specification and pricing. Advertisement revenue at this time supports the ongoing work and quality of the magazine through stock photos, platform upgrades, hosting costs, etc.

A percentage of all proceeds is donated to the work of Parvati.org to establish the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.