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With eclectic voices, delightful instrumentation, and lessons for all ages and families, this year’s GRAMMY-nominated children’s albums are brimming with joy, warmth, and learning. This month we speak to two of the nominees. Falu Shah helps children embrace different cultures with “Falu’s Bazaar” In a debut children’s music release, Falu Shah offers a musical journey through South Asia. With songs in Hindi, Gujarati and English, “Falu’s Bazaar” is a rich, welcoming and educational glimpse into Indian culture. Falu shares insight into the album she created for her son, and theRead More
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What was the greatest scientific discovery of the 20th century? Albert Einstein’s 1907 Theory of Relativity, you’d most likely say, the revelation that triggered the last great paradigm shift in the physical sciences. And you’d be correct. However, Einstein himself could not believe the mind-boggling implications of his discovery, which contradicted some of his most basic beliefs about the nature of reality. So what did Einstein do? He fudged the equations, adding a term he called the “cosmological constant.” Toward the end of his life, Einstein confessed that this actRead More
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Respect for people and the planet is woven into the fabric of prAna’s DNA. From social responsibility to environmental care, this yoga clothing company creates products and opportunities for a healthy world. This month, Rachel Lincoln, Director of Sustainability at prAna, describes the brand’s compassionate values, and how they empowering communities and support the Earth. Parvati Magazine: How does prAna’s approach to clothing and sustainability align with the yogi’s approach to mindful, compassionate living? prAna: prAna has always had a people-first mentality—from the people making our materials, to the personRead More
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Our tendency is to view painful aspects of our lives as mistakes, and the pleasant aspects as good fortune. We may even think that what we like is grace, but what we don’t like is a curse. This is resistance to the moment. Being able to practice gratitude means connecting to this moment and seeing clearly what it brings. If it brings tension, see that as grace. It is giving you an opportunity to notice the ways in which you are in resistance. If it brings expansion, see that asRead More
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Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication by Oren Jay Sofer Book Review by Amy Kellestine We are not born with the skills for rich and nuanced verbal conversations. As we grow, so does our ability to communicate using words and tone as well as body language. However, other than learning grammar and punctuation, most of us spend precious little of our lives exploring the art of truly effective communication. Author and teacher Oren Jay Sofer is poised to remedy that with “Say What You Mean: ARead More
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As Reviewed By Amy Kellestine It’s been almost 55 years since the much-loved and heavily decorated Mary Poppins introduced us to the power of imagination as she sang “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and danced with chimney sweeps into our hearts. So I know there has been considerable apprehension and concern over whether or not the sequel, “Mary Poppins Returns” could ever come close to recreating the same magic for another generation of viewers. Luckily, this second “spoonful of sugar” offers the same whimsy and wonder as the original and delivers a strong sequelRead More
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Book Review by Parvati Magazine Staff A young girl named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson grew up in South Side, Chicago to the sounds of piano lessons from the apartment downstairs—lessons that she would take herself, and get yelled at for skipping ahead in her songbook. Though she didn’t go on to become a musician, two gifts of her time pursuing music are obvious in the life she went on to live: determination and grace. Perhaps that’s why the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, begins her heartwarming memoir “Becoming” with those pianoRead More
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Current Assumption: We are inevitably and permanently separate and disconnected from one another. We are all alone in an uncaring universe. Sometimes we feel alone in an uncaring universe, separate and disconnected from one another. The undivided unity of all things seems counter-intuitive. Our physical senses tell us the universe is comprised of trillions of separate objects and entities and energies. The rational-materialists tell us it’s ridiculous to assert that “all is One.” Non-duality is one of the great paradoxes of existence, although many of us have experienced oneness atRead More
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Amy Kellestine Reviews “Green Book” Just a little over half a century ago, the “Negro Motorist Green Book” was a vital reference for Black travelers who wanted to navigate the roads of America and find places to fill their gas tanks, eat and sleep without having doors shut in their faces. Now, “Green Book” recaps that time in a comedy-drama that manages to be a refreshing take on the classic road trip movie that fits somewhere on the spectrum between “Driving Miss Daisy” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. Equal partsRead More
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Since 1995, Alternative Apparel has been at the forefront of innovating soft, simple, sustainable clothes that are both dependable and purposeful. CEO Evan Toporek speaks to Parvati Magazine about Alternative Apparel’s dedication to environmentally responsible and socially compassionate, practices—delivering modern, stylish basics at an affordable price. We are inspired this month by Evan’s advice for eco-fashion, and the brand’s latest “Alternative Youth” collection for kids—because it is never too early to begin caring for the planet. Parvati Magazine: What moved you to bring an eco-conscious collection to a younger generation?Read More