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  The Course in Miracles owes much of its current fame to bestselling novelist Marianne Williamson, who popularized it in her 1992 book “A Return to Love”. Since then, many people have embraced the wisdom of the Course as well as the “Cliffs Notes” version put forward in “A Return to Love”, including luminaries like Gabby Bernstein. While the Course in Miracles and accompanying materials, said to be transcribed from the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, runs to about 1100 pages of spiritually charged material that can’t be skim-read, WilliamsonRead More
Few people get the privilege of having their grandmother speak at their university commencement ceremony. But if you are the granddaughter of Pema Chödrön, you’re one of them. And now everyone can read the words delivered by this grandmother-turned-Buddhist-nun and teacher at Naropa University in 2014. The Sounds True book “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better” presents the text of this speech as well as a special one-on-one follow-up interview between Chödrön and Sounds true founder Tami Simon about failure, regret and leaning in to the mystery of life. Pema ChödrönRead More
Eric Greitens, a former NAVY seal, champion boxer, a scholar, and humanitarian, writes an intelligent, inspiring and easy to read book about facing life challenges head on in “Resilience”. The book consists of letters to his friend who has returned from war and is struggling with PTSD. Greitens uses his life experiences, modern-research and wisdom of ancient Greek and modern-day philosophers to help his friend get through this time. Resilience is a “virtue that enables people to move through hardship and become better. No one escapes pain, fear, and suffering.Read More
Western medicine, existing outside of an Eastern context that includes a more holistic understanding of health through Ayurveda, has a unique position when it comes to understanding the value and power of meditation for human health. Because meditation was relatively unknown to the West before the 1960s, its power in a medical setting has needed to be proven, studied and documented in accordance with today’s scientific method. Now that meditation has been mainstream for a generation, there are ample test cases to study its effects. The Transcendental Meditation method, introducedRead More
If Eckhart Tolle recommends a book, it’s got to be good, right? Steve Taylor’s book The Calm Center is one of the first two publications under the new imprint Eckhart Tolle Editions, selected personally by Tolle for writings that “inspire and contribute to the transformation of human consciousness.” It features a foreword by Tolle himself that is a glowing endorsement of the words you are about to read. This should be a slam dunk, right? The Calm Center is billed as a collection of “poetic reflections” to support spiritual awakening.Read More
Spiritual experiences in and of themselves shouldn’t be cause for admission to mental hospitals, but in mainstream Western consciousness, they may become such. It seems as though we either turn someone having unexplained spiritual experiences into mystics, or into crazy people. Ram Das Batchelder has gone to both places before finding a more healthy and humble context for his spiritual growth, as he narrates in his book “Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now with Amma, the Hugging Saint”. Eastern philosophy, distilled from experiential wisdom byRead More
Most of us have likely never contemplated the idea of thanking our socks or handbag when we get home from a long day’s work, but Japanese tidying consultant Marie Kondo suggests we do just that. If you think that’s a challenge, how about achieving a state with your belongings where you no longer have to do daily tidying? For someone with lifelong tendencies to accumulate clutter, the second statement seems even more magical than the first. But it is magic we’re talking about here. Marie Kondo’s strong and enthusiastic clientRead More
Positive Possibilities Incorporated, which brings you Parvati Magazine every month, also makes available a series of channeled teachings for spiritual evolution. We do not lend our endorsement to any and all who claim to be channels. Not all entities being channeled are truly aligned or able to serve our highest good, and not all channels are able to transmit the information clearly and effectively. We also recognize that the very concept of channeled teachings may be difficult for some to accept as valid. However, we do endorse the channeled teachingsRead More
Irish breathwork practitioner Catherine Dowling has recently released her book “Radical Awareness: Five Practices for a Fully Engaged Life” under the Llewelyn imprint. This book guides people through five practices and 46 exercises intended to awaken a sense of oneness with all that is and use that sense to fuel personal growth and transformation. “Radical” seems to be one of the latest buzzwords in personal growth or self-help, and Dowling’s book fights in search rankings with the better known volume “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach. But it’s worth the extraRead More
Many of us aspire to live a life with more compassion. It may inspire us to volunteer in soup kitchens, to eat less meat (or even go vegan), or just to try to be more patient and loving with the people around us. Yet, somehow, our best intentions fall away in the moment and we find ourselves frustrated, despairing, furious, contemptuous, impatient, or any of a hundred other things besides compassion with the people or situations we face. This is especially true in the way we relate to ourselves –Read More