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Fashion: Taska Bags, The Vegan Style

The bag you carry is more than a function of life. It is a part of your identity, your lifestyle, your look! At Taska, I build this idea into each design to make pieces that are as unique as you are. In addition to my commitment to style and function is a strongly held belief in producing items from 100% cruelty free materials. I use the highest quality vegan leathers, textures, wovens, felts, canvas and many other interesting textiles. The mixing of fabrics and textures has become the signature lookRead More
People often ask me what it’s like to launch a fashion startup with no prior fashion experience. The answer often surprises people: It has set me up for success more than I could have ever imagined at the outset. Coming from a senior role in the investment industry, I was trained to sniff out the BS in facts, figures, and CEO speeches. My company, LeDaveed, has a mission to create the best fashion products, and do so in a way that applies stringent environmental standards. We’ve already earned B CorpRead More
What started out as an idea for unique and rugged bags for our kids, has blossomed into a creative adventure. Every piece has its own personality and style, with no two pieces being exactly the same.All creations are handmade from recycled fire gear and fire hose. Let’s go back to where it started. About seven years ago, around the dinner table, my husband (a fireman) was on a committee to get new bunker gear for their fire department. I asked what happens to the old stuff and he said itRead More
There used to be a time in my life where I wouldn’t be caught dead in a second hand store. Growing up in a medium sized town, it simply never occurred to me that shopping second hand was a cool way of helping the environment. Fast-forward to 2016 and I can’t think of a better place to buy clothes. My love affair started with a second hand clothing store called The Kind Exchange. There are a few locations in Toronto, where I live. They will actually pay you for clothingRead More
“It is almost impossible to do 100% eco friendly, they can prepare the documents [sic] to show it is eco friendly but actually it is different story.” I sat for years in soaring office towers, working 90-hour weeks, making decisions worth hundreds of millions of dollars involving high-powered personalities. I’ve seen a lot. But never an e-mail like the one our team at LeDaveed, a startup fashion house with an initial focus on sustainably produced handbags, got in August, when we began a deep dive into the sourcing of fabricsRead More
The fashion industry is facing many challenges, but one of the most pressing issues is water usage.  The textile industry is the third largest consumer and polluter of the world’s water. Water consumption is a huge problem for growing fibers such as the ever-thirsty cotton plant, with nearly 400 gallons of water required to produce just one cotton t-shirt. Waste water is conceivably an even bigger issue than consumption. Toxic chemicals produced from dyeing textiles, along with other chemicals such as those used to produce synthetics, are contributing to aRead More

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Fashion: Silky Vietnam

Image credit: Silky Vietnam If you’re tired of yoga clothes made from polyester but want an option that doesn’t look crunchy granola, check out Hanoi-based Silky Vietnam. One of the leading ethical fashion brands in Vietnam, Silky recently announced the launch of their first yoga clothing line, Silky 2.0, made with 100% organic silk and plant-based dyes. The new collection was created specifically for women who have a strong belief in connecting their body to their soul in the practice of yoga. “Made of 100% organic silk – nature’s luxuriousRead More
How fashionable is it to stroll down the street in a cocktail of known carcinogenic chemicals? Or to drape yourself sexily in a petroleum product? Increasingly, the fashion industry is asking (or being asked) these questions. As we awaken to the effect our actions have on the environment, we look for ways to limit both our personal exposure to chemicals, and the amount of chemicals that are released into the environment on our behalf. Many fabrics these days – particularly “technical” ones – are synthetic, made from petroleum derivatives. Polyester,Read More
This Earth Day Value Village, a global thrift retailer, is urging people to rethink their clothing footprint through the company’s Rethink Reuse Campaign. The campaign kicked off at Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver and will continue into the summer with an installation and reuse roundtable in Toronto. For Earth Day Value Village produced a larger-than-life Rethink Reuse installation that served as a visually arresting wakeup call to remind everyone that landfills shouldn’t be laundry piles and encouraged people to rethink reuse. The initial installation took place inSeattle, Washington, with plansRead More
In Hong Kong, the epicentre of Asia’s fashion industry, the environmental NGO Redress has named the winners of the world’s largest sustainable design competition for emerging designers, The EcoChic Design Award 2015/16. Ten finalists from Asia and Europe united to command Hong Kong Fashion Week’s runway, and the influential industry onlookers, with their textile-waste-reducing collections, having already out-designed an unprecedented level of competition entries from designers living in 40 countries across Asia and Europe. Two winners, from Poland and Spain, were crowned winners. Christina Dean, Founder of Redress, said, “WeRead More