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The fashion industry is a powerful one. Think about it; if it weren’t for the fashion industry we’d all be walking around naked all the time!  This powerful industry has created countless jobs. It took women out of suffering by getting them to work during the war which brought them to a level of independence never experienced before. The 1920s were an era where women were suffering. Fashion’s response was the flapper; with her pixie crop hair and trousers, this was true reflection of the radical changes that enabled femaleRead More
Last month, Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia played host to Fair@Square, the nation’s biggest fair trade and ethical festival. This free public event, put on by Moral Fairground, celebrated ethical and sustainable consumption and provided fair trade purchase options in time for the holiday season. It was kicked off by the announcement of the winner of the Ethical Enterprise Award, Western Desert Dialysis. Following this, two days were filled with activities including live cooking demonstrations, fashion shows, music, children’s activities and creative displays. Six pop-up Fair Fashion shows took placeRead More
It wasn’t so long ago that music, fashion and art shocked us. Think of Sid Vicious, Madonna, The Smiths, Cyndi Lauper and Marilyn Manson, just to name a few. Music and fashion were sometimes used to express feelings about government or other delicate issues. The gothic look in fashion is another example of this expression. Things have gotten to a point where it seems nothing could shock us. These days the shock lies in the niceness that is offered. In a time where little shocks us, the world is slowlyRead More
According to, the definition of “joy” is: “The emotion of great delight or happiness by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: She felt the joy of seeing her son’s successes.” When I put the two words “joy” and “fashion” together, two vantage points pop into my head. The first one is the joy of being a consumer of fashion.  The second is that of being a designer of fashion. We all know the feeling of satisfaction we get when we find that amazing dress or those perfectRead More
Among long distance runners, the prevailing opinion is that it’s unwise to run major distances in cotton – that it’s too heavy and causes chafing when you sweat in it for a long run. “Serious” runners run in clothes made of what’s known as “technical” fabric, generally a polyester blend designed to wick moisture and feel smooth on the skin. When I got back into running in 2004, I quickly built up a rotation of technical tops and shorts. My running went on hiatus for a few years after IRead More
As I have been traveling through the US promoting my new album and show “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub”, I have been to many yoga studios, some of which carry apparel by a company called Prana. My first exposure to Prana was when I was headlining the St Petersburg Yoga Festival October 2011. One of the yoga teachers who volunteered to dance in my show came to a rehearsal wearing Prana yoga pants. I loved them and immediately mail ordered them. In this article I would like to give theRead More
One of the best ways to keep our environmental footprint light is to reduce our consumption of new items that require resources to grow, create or produce. When it comes to fashion, many people are choosing to keep it light by repurposing existing items into new, creative and beautiful clothing and accessories. This means that synthetic items do not simply go to choke landfills or oceans; animals are not unnecessarily killed for more leather when enough leather already exists; more petroleum products are not unnecessarily created. By rethinking the ideaRead More
How fashionable is it to stroll down the street in a cocktail of known carcinogenic chemicals? Or to drape yourself sexily in a petroleum product? Increasingly, the fashion industry is asking (or being asked) these questions. As we awaken to the effect our actions have on the environment, we look for ways to limit both our personal exposure to chemicals, and the amount of chemicals that are released into the environment on our behalf. Many fabrics these days – particularly “technical” ones – are synthetic, made from petroleum derivatives. Polyester,Read More
A major piece of the puzzle that has to happen in order for sustainable living to become mainstream is consumer awareness. However, another important component to this going mainstream, is government involvement. When the government steps in and creates guidelines and standards for an industry – ones that are built with the help of the corporations who are leaders in that industry – then real change begins to happen. At the Ethical Sourcing Forum in NYC recently, I had the opportunity to witness such collaborative discussions taking place between government,Read More
Continued from The Role of Government in Sustainable Fashion. Other countries are much slower to adapt policies and standards, and some might even say that despite years of lobbying, their efforts fall on deaf ears. Canadian Jon Cloud of The Organic Cotton Company, has dedicated his life to organic production. He is fed up that the government refuses to deal with organic standards and that certification organizations, whose standards he feels are weak, are picking up the ball and running with it. Cloud belonged to the now defunct organic cottonRead More