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Respect for people and the planet is woven into the fabric of prAna’s DNA. From social responsibility to environmental care, this yoga clothing company creates products and opportunities for a healthy world. This month, Rachel Lincoln, Director of Sustainability at prAna, describes the brand’s compassionate values, and how they empowering communities and support the Earth. Parvati Magazine: How does prAna’s approach to clothing and sustainability align with the yogi’s approach to mindful, compassionate living? prAna: prAna has always had a people-first mentality—from the people making our materials, to the personRead More
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Since 1995, Alternative Apparel has been at the forefront of innovating soft, simple, sustainable clothes that are both dependable and purposeful. CEO Evan Toporek speaks to Parvati Magazine about Alternative Apparel’s dedication to environmentally responsible and socially compassionate, practices—delivering modern, stylish basics at an affordable price. We are inspired this month by Evan’s advice for eco-fashion, and the brand’s latest “Alternative Youth” collection for kids—because it is never too early to begin caring for the planet. Parvati Magazine: What moved you to bring an eco-conscious collection to a younger generation?Read More
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Learn about the Eco-Age team’s empowering initiatives, including the Green Carpet Challenge, and their recent collaboration with Aquafil. With strategic initiatives dedicated to driving positive, compassionate change within the clothing industry, Eco-Age is bringing sustainability to the forefront of fashion. We spoke to them this month about their latest innovative collaboration, and how they are turning ocean waste into something beautiful. Parvati Magazine: Your creative director, Livia Firth, works tirelessly to bring awareness to the fashion industry’s environmental damage, and human rights violations – particularly the garment industry’s detrimental impactRead More
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PACT Organic, a clothing company based in Colorado, USA, proudly combines comfort with organic cotton: “Organic is Better. Softer. Comfier. Better For People And Our Planet.” Their lines for men and women feature leggings, hoodies, shirts, sweaters, and sleepwear. PACT’s Organic and Fair Trade certifications are the real deal. They work with Global Organic Textile Standard and adhere to high-level environmental and human standards throughout the entire production line. PACT also discloses where they hire their workers, what their working hours are, and the benefits they provide employees, such asRead More
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Robert Jungmann is on a quest to enlighten everyone’s perspective on a sustainable material that has the potential to restore balance to our world: hemp. He discovered as a student that “trees, cut to make paper and other products, take decades to grow back. Hemp regenerates in months, helps maintain clean water and air, anchors and aerates the soil, produces oxygen, and consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.” Robert has created JUNGMAVEN to prove that what you wear can be stylish and sustainable at the same time. This month ParvatiRead More
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At Purvi Doshi, social responsibility and eco-consciousness are not merely embraced, but woven into each creation. With each handcrafted piece, Purvi seeks to eliminate the discrepancy between fashion and ethics, and fosters opportunities for artisans. This month Purvi Doshi takes Parvati Magazine on a journey through her label’s sustainable practices and how they align with her ethos of living in harmony with the earth. Parvati Magazine: Describe the look and style of Purvi Doshi. Purvi Doshi: Contemporary yet classy and artful. Traditional yet classic, timeless fashion. Formal to casual—conscious luxury.Read More
Sustainable Fashion Awards-Jeanne Beker-Joy Elkayeam-Sola Desgagne
Each month, Parvati Magazine features designers who lead the frontier of fashion—created sustainably and consciously throughout the production cycle. This month, that work led me to Canada’s Sustainable Fashion Awards. This annual event is organized by Fashion Takes Action (FTA), a Canadian not-for-profit founded in 2007 to support the sustainable fashion industry on an international scale. FTA members who applied for consideration in this year’s awards were evaluated by a jury based on their sustainability practices, design, and business prowess. The jury chose three finalists, the winner of whom wouldRead More
Veja Fair Trade Sneakers
When childhood friends Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillon set out to create a brand over a decade ago, VEJA was born. From beginning to end of production, every piece they create is made eco-friendly. This month, Parvati Magazine talked with them about their beginning, their process, and what they have in store for the future. Parvati Magazine: How long did it take to build the foundation of VEJA? VEJA: VEJA started more than twelve years ago. In general, people start from the design and then produce, but Sébastien and GhislainRead More
Sustainable Fashion-Novel Supply Co-Kaya Dorey
Image credit:Cam Hilts edited by @erikjrojas NOVEL SUPPLY CO. is a clothing company based in Vancouver, Canada that focuses on sustainability. After Novel Supply founder Kaya Dorey realized just how much material went into landfills in the making of clothes, she decided she wanted to create something better for the Earth. Parvati Magazine sat down with Kaya to talk about how natural and organic can be stylish. Parvati Magazine: You mention on your website that Novel Supply is inspired by the “West Coast Lifestyle”. What does the West Coast lifestyleRead More
Zero Waste Fashion-Tonle
Behind tonlé, Cambodia’s first zero waste fashion brand, is Rachel Faller, who wanted to make clothes that made a difference. She decided to do just that after moving to Cambodia to better research fair trade. A process that starts with scrapped waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers ends up as unique pieces that hold special meaning across cultures and countries. This month, Parvati Magazine spoke with her about tonlé. Parvati Magazine: Describe the look of tonlé. Rachel Faller: tonlé was designed to clothe the thoughtful traveler, who is always onRead More