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Joseph Campbell’s influence on the original Star Wars trilogy was palpable. George Lucas brought forward a cohesive and compelling narrative informed by Campbell’s archetypal hero’s journey. The wisdom exemplified in the Jedi teachings resonates at a soul level. As such, the original trilogy wasn’t just an amazing space adventure with daring chase scenes and hugely impressive puppetry for its era. It was soul food. It helped the reader believe in deeper meaning and power. Fans put off by the cheap dialogue, questionable plot, and excessive use of Jar-Jar Binks inRead More

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Film: Room, by Pranada Devi

  For a film to take as its starting point the years-long forced confinement and rape of a young woman and make it beautiful without disconnecting or becoming saccharine, is a tall order. By some accounts, the likely Oscar nominee Room manages. But not everyone agrees. The premise of the story is that five-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay), born to his mother as the result of ongoing rapes by her captor, has lived his entire life in a twelve-foot-by-twelve-foot room (a heavily reinforced and soundproofed garden shed) and has no ideaRead More

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Films that Illuminate

  This month in Parvati Magazine, we share two films that play with light and visuals. Pan is a prequel to the Peter Pan story. It opens with a young boy named Peter (Levi Miller) in an orphanage, pondering his ancestry and the miniature pan flute he wears as a pendant. But soon he, and we, are swept up and dropped into an immersive world where ships fly through the air between spheres of water where fish swim. This retelling of the Pan story by the same studio that didRead More

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Films that Change Everything

This month, Parvati Magazine provides a roundup of current and relevant films for you to consider. A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story is a documentary about a young woman who became famous for very hurtful reasons, and chose to transcend it. Lizzie Velasquez has a very unusual appearance having been born with a rare medical condition that makes it all but impossible for her to gain weight. She experienced bullying and isolation from the time she entered kindergarten. One day in high school, she discovered that her image hadRead More
While we at Parvati Magazine are fans of arty and thought-provoking work, we also believe in accessibility of the message. To this end, we asked our 17-year-old friend Eva Ryder to review “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet”, released this summer. When I saw the trailer for “The Prophet”, it seemed like a film geared towards children. The animation was unique and eye-catching, and the girl Almitra was lively. When I actually watched the movie, I found that it was difficult to understand – even though I’m 17. The Prophet named MustaphaRead More
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By any standard, Disney Pixar bit off a hugely complex chunk of subject matter to convey in the film, Inside Out, written by Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley, as inspired from a story by Ronnie del Carmen and Pete Docter. The film was directed by Docter, whose previous directorial films include Monsters and Up. I sat in the darkened theatre alone, no sidekick under age ten making my presence more legit – and also on the plus side, no bathroom runs mid-film, or popcorn costing the same as a chestRead More

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Film: “The Yes Men Are Revolting”

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno describe themselves as “two guys who couldn’t hold down a job until they became representatives of Exxon, Halliburton, Dow Chemical, and the U.S. federal government”. But don’t expect to find those credentials on their LinkedIn profiles. Exxon, Halliburton, Dow Chemical, and the US federal government have never hired these individuals. Bichlbaum and Bonanno are the Yes Men, an activist duo whose modus operandi is to present themselves as official spokespersons for some of these large corporations and make statements that the corporations will probably neverRead More
  “Being rich and famous isn’t what corrupts your art, only you can do that. Call me. We can discuss this.” That’s what’s scribed in a letter written decades before to the then budding rock star, Danny Collins, by none other than John Lennon and Yoko Ono themselves. But the message never reached Collins (Al Pacino), now a substance abusing, aged rocker whose financial status and notoriety morphed him to stardom portraying a tragically campy Neil Diamond knock-off, repeating equally tragic choreography nightly to a fan base of licorice-eating groupiesRead More
I recently went to see Disney’s new live-actor movie Cinderella starring Lily James and Richard Madden. The costumes are beautiful and the sets sublime. The actors soon had me immersed in the story and I found myself identifying with the lovely Cinderella. I started wondering why I love this story so much! I always love the fun and inner satisfaction of seeing a girl find her own sense of Self and power. Within this is an archetypal, universal story of transformation. When we are born we have this wide-eyed enjoymentRead More
The Theory of Everything chronicles the life of Stephen and Jane Hawking from their budding romance to their ultimate separation decades later. This film was adapted from Jane Wilde Hawking’s memoir, Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. In the midst of Stephen’s great scientific achievements and deterioration in physical abilities, the central focus is on their relationship from Jane’s point of view. From the beginning of the movie, set in Cambridge, England, we see Stephen’s genius sets him apart from his colleagues, possessing a sense of humour and confidence.Read More