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Elbow is a British guitar band that explores emotional sensitivity through its music. Clearly influenced by Peter Gabriel, the progressive rock sounds and styles of Genesis and Kate Bush and the introspection of Radiohead, Elbow nonetheless steers clear of the progressive rock obligatory solos. Instead they embrace the orchestration and grandiose sounds that made prog rock so interesting. While Radiohead explores more of the underbelly, shadows and painful experiences of human existence, Elbow celebrates the human experience with sensitive depiction of memories, growing up, being in love, residing in loveRead More

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Music: Temple at Midnight, with Miten

Parvati Magazine Music Editor Rishi Deva spoke with bhakti musician Miten about his new album “Temple at Midnight”. This conversation has been abridged. Miten: I came from a songwriter tradition. I was born in England and I was around in the folk time in the 60s. When I came to India and got into meditation, I dropped the whole thing for a good long while, so I could heal and get some kind of perspective on life. It took me a while before the music came back, and then theRead More
The first time I saw Bloc Party was at Revival in Toronto in 2004. They had just released their first EP and a single called Banquet. A little like Interpol meets Franz Ferdinand meets The Rapture they had a tight sound and high urgent energy that, at the time, left me feeling elevated. I obviously was not the only one tapped into the urgent energy that was reminiscent of a blend of New York City and London. It’s likely not an accident that they named their debut LP Silent Alarm.Read More
Recently I was with Parvati at BBC Radio 2 to promote the upcoming MAPS concert to protect the Arctic Ocean. While we were there, we met with Robbie Williams who was there promoting his new record The Heavy Entertainment Show. Apart from his massive singles, I must admit I have never listened to Robbie Williams’s albums. Curious about his repertoire and why he has sold over 75,000,000 records – earning him the title of one of the biggest selling artists of all time – I thought it was time thatRead More
When the last sounds of their most successful single “Ahead By A Century”, the final encore of the final show of the Tragically Hip, died away at their nationally televised concert in Kingston, Canada, this past August, fans of this quintessentially Canadian band thought it might be the last they would see and hear of the Hip’s frontman Gord Downie. In May of this year, Downie announced that he had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. But this fall, he revealed that he had more to say as an artist,Read More
For this month’s issue of Parvati Magazine, our regular music columnist, Kupid’s Play Records CEO Rishi Deva, is away. In his absence, I scoped out some of the latest music videos to be released this fall to let you know a few faves. First off, Lolo’s “Shine”. A Tennessee native, Lolo tried New York City on for size, but found herself miserable and depressed. Her decision to return to Tennessee and pursue life and music on her own terms is chronicled in her latest album, “In Loving Memory of WhenRead More

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Music: All Mankind, by Rishi Deva

The best part of my job is listening to new music, discovering artists and predicting future music hits. I am pleased to say that I have a great track record in knowing who’s going to make it. The rule of thumb is that one in over 2,000 artists have what it takes to make it. These are the five things that make a successful band: The right songs, the right attitude, the right lyrics, the right team and the right mission. But following those five rules alone is not enough.Read More

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Music: Be The Bear, by Rishi Deva

One of the greatest gifts and skills an artist has is the ability to tell a story that connects to the hearts of the audience. Pretty much from medieval times to the dawn of recorded music, music was a way to tell stories and deliver messages from far away places. This ability to deliver news through narrative travelled from Europe with the minstrels, to the birth of rock n roll through American Roots music. The role of an artist to tell a story through either a painted canvas or musicalRead More
What makes it possible for artists to achieve success? While it does happen that an artist can achieve success on their own, it does not happen often. The artist needs help, which is one reason why an industry has developed around the arts. Eamonn Forde is a colleague that I met while in the UK at a music conference a few years back. He is a music business and technology writer for The Guardian. Last year he wrote an interesting article about the role of managers in the music business.Read More
The award-winning, hugely influential musician Prince Rogers Nelson, known to the world as Prince, died unexpectedly at age 57 on April 21, 2016, leaving behind a wake of shock and grief, and a legacy of creative works, including over 40 recorded albums. Many artists point to him as an influence. We spoke with Parvati, the founder and lead artist of Kupid’s Play Records, and the label’s CEO Rishi Deva, about the power of Prince and how his work nurtured others. Parvati Magazine: What was your reaction when you learned ofRead More