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It is rare for me to wait in excitement for announcements that a band is in the studio recording new material and a new record release is imminent. I find myself so grateful to artists who pique my soul’s interest to the point where I can’t wait for more. Mumford & Sons’s sophomore release “Babel” was one of those sweet waiting games. I was not the only one who waited with anticipation for Mumford & Sons to release a new record. Their new album sold an astonishing 600,000 copies inRead More

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Music: Thank You Bhakti Fest, by Parvati Devi

I am back from performing at Bhakti Fest, a drug-free music and yoga festival in Joshua Tree, California, that focuses on devotional music. It was an excellent experience sharing my new album and show “Yoga In the Nightclub”, making new friends and fans, developing new contacts, all to help expand the reach of this creative work that is in service to the divine. It was great to be there. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of it, so I give a shout out in gratitude to theRead More
[Continued from Thank You Bhakti Fest] As a performing artist, I know that each time I walk out on stage, I have a choice to put on a mask, and a choice to remove any existing ones. For some, the stage is a vehicle for masks, either an opportunity to hide our self through a manufactured persona, or a chance to express alternate senses of self, perhaps repressed places that are in need of expression. For others, the stage is an alchemical portal for personal transformation, when met with theRead More

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Music: Back to School, by Rishi Dev

Popular music is, by definition, an expression of popular culture. For this reason, pop music often reflects major holidays and events, including, at this time of year, songs about the end of vacation and going back to school or work. The immense impact that this time of year has had on music could make up the contents of an entire book. The relationship people of all kinds have with institutions like corporations and schools has given rise to Cinderella-like love songs for day-time school dreamers, as well as to songsRead More
As a record label owner, it is extremely important to plan, and as a spiritual aspirant, it is even more important to accept what is. As an aspiring businessman who runs a spiritually charged record label, I am constantly walking the line of acceptance of what is and plowing through to ensure that Kupid’s Play artists are given voice, seen and heard. Finding the balance of acceptance, between pushing and passivity, has been a big lesson for me. For me, the balance is what the Dalai Lama calls assertive action.Read More
It is pretty awesome having so much sunlight these days. It feels invigorating, energizing, and full of possibility. This month’s theme is on luminosity and light. On a beautiful, long spring day, I am pleased to review a record that is sonically luminous: Parvati’s new album “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub”, exclusively available at the Positive Possibilities store. As soon as you pick up the album, you are already touched by luminosity. Parvati seems to shine out of the dark in the album’s front cover photograph, taken by the talentedRead More
At this time of year, it’s easy to find blooming, beauty, fullness and abundance in a garden; however, to find them in a recording is rare. So when I discovered Maya Solovey’s new upcoming record, scheduled for release June 19, I stopped what I was doing to proverbially smell the roses and I have been have been in this sonically delightful garden ever since. If you believe that the vibration of our reality can be transmitted through sound then you will understand why Forte, Maya’s new record, is so lovelyRead More
For anyone who knows about the business of music, our special guest needs no introduction. Tom Silverman is one of the great visionaries responsible for popularizing hip-hop and electronic dance music. In 1982, when hip-hop was a bubbling sub-culture and major record labels ignored it as an art form, Silverman’s independent record label Tommy Boy Records released the revolutionary electro/hip-hip Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force. This subsequently opened the door for the emergence of breakdance, hip-hop and dance culture. The song was an instant underground classicRead More
With spring approaching, a time for stripping away the winter layers and shedding excess, I am reminded of everything I like about Montreal’s indie music scene with Grimes’s new record. Without the polish or pressure of a major record label to create a pop hit, Grimes naturally writes electronic music, which is a fresh, yet somewhat naked change from some of the shiny electronic mega-hits that currently dominate Billboard charts. In fact, we live in a time when a major electronic pop recording has two top twenty hits charting atRead More
Maybe I like Ed Sheeran because like me he was born in West Yorkshire, England. Or maybe it’s because he is an up and coming artist who deserves to be recognized for his talents, but I’ll let you decide that. If you are reading this article in the UK, you may well be familiar with Ed Sheeran and his Atlantic Records debut CD. The record has been working its way up the album charts to beat out Adele, Bruno Mars and even Coldplay for the number one position. In NorthRead More