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“When I argue with reality, I lose–but only 100 percent of the time. How do I know the wind should blow? It’s blowing!” –Byron Katie, Loving What Is When Byron Katie woke up in a halfway house in 1986 with her longstanding depression gone, her heart full of joy and everything around her clear and “unrecognizable,” she had no idea that the healing process that took place overnight within her would be something that she could share. Today, over twenty years later, Katie’s loving model of “inquiry” or “The Work”Read More
As a record label owner, it is extremely important to plan, and as a spiritual aspirant, it is even more important to accept what is. As an aspiring businessman who runs a spiritually charged record label, I am constantly walking the line of acceptance of what is and plowing through to ensure that Kupid’s Play artists are given voice, seen and heard. Finding the balance of acceptance, between pushing and passivity, has been a big lesson for me. For me, the balance is what the Dalai Lama calls assertive action.Read More
As I have been traveling through the US promoting my new album and show “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub”, I have been to many yoga studios, some of which carry apparel by a company called Prana. My first exposure to Prana was when I was headlining the St Petersburg Yoga Festival October 2011. One of the yoga teachers who volunteered to dance in my show came to a rehearsal wearing Prana yoga pants. I loved them and immediately mail ordered them. In this article I would like to give theRead More
It’s safe to say that in 1995, few people thought of hiking 1100 gruelling miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, alone, with no prior backpacking experience, as a way to turn their life around. But some may do so today, because one woman in 1995 did: Cheryl Strayed. In 1995, Cheryl Strayed was 26 years old. Her mother had been dead four years. In the wake of that loss, her life had spiralled out of control. Her marriage had fallen apart (she chose the surname “Strayed” for herself at theRead More
Sometimes we go through life like a person who is carrying a heavy burden all the time, to the point where he is no longer even aware that he is carrying it or that he could set it down. The burden of our egoic attachments, our fears and doubts and wanting and stuckness, is a heavy weight that we carry for years or even lifetimes before it occurs to us that we could drop the weight and live more lightly, celebrating the freedom to be our true selves. This lightnessRead More
In March, I experienced an unusual surge of energy and was extremely productive as I used to be in my first business as an illustrator. I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary to increase my drive so I liked to believe it came from the full moon or the high solar flare activity in the news at that time. Whatever was fueling my drive I welcomed it! I actually loved stirring my imagination that the solar flare activity was sending solar storms to Earth to energize my body andRead More
It is pretty awesome having so much sunlight these days. It feels invigorating, energizing, and full of possibility. This month’s theme is on luminosity and light. On a beautiful, long spring day, I am pleased to review a record that is sonically luminous: Parvati’s new album “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub”, exclusively available at the Positive Possibilities store. As soon as you pick up the album, you are already touched by luminosity. Parvati seems to shine out of the dark in the album’s front cover photograph, taken by the talentedRead More
One of the best ways to keep our environmental footprint light is to reduce our consumption of new items that require resources to grow, create or produce. When it comes to fashion, many people are choosing to keep it light by repurposing existing items into new, creative and beautiful clothing and accessories. This means that synthetic items do not simply go to choke landfills or oceans; animals are not unnecessarily killed for more leather when enough leather already exists; more petroleum products are not unnecessarily created. By rethinking the ideaRead More
The spring flowers are in their heyday here in Toronto, fulfilling a promise that abided unseen through the winter. As May arrives, we may have gone through a spring cleanse (internal or external), or we may simply feel lighter, more refreshed and more capable as the days grow longer and brighter. We may feel able to begin new initiatives or catch up on old ones left unattended. For post-secondary students, the academic year is coming to an end. As we walk out into the spring sunshine from our last exam, theRead More
I dream of going to Paris! I want to drink in the rich culture and experience all the delicious foods. I want to taste the fresh breads, pastries and creamy chocolates. There is a passion in this city that keeps calling me. So I continue to visualize myself in Paris loving everything the city has to offer. A part of me wants to share this experience with the love of my life and since I haven’t found her yet (as of this writing) I sometimes think that maybe she’s inRead More