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Cottage by the Sea, Debbie Macomber book
Book Review by Amy Kellestine “Cottage by the Sea” is the newest offering from New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Known for writing novels with “compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring friendships, uplifting her readers with stories of connection and hope,” the author delivers yet again this time around. “Cottage by the Sea” features Annie, a new graduate looking forward to all that life has to offer in Los Angeles. That is, until her family (mother, father, brother, sister-in-law and niece) are suddenly and tragically killed during aRead More
Koolulam - Michal Shahaf-Shneiderman
When Or Taicher encountered a Facebook video of a mass prayer at the wailing wall, he was inspired to act. Joining with musical conductor Ben Yaffet and entrepreneur Michal Shahaf Shneiderman, the three set out to establish Koolulam, a social musical initiative that creates mass-singing events, for everybody and anybody. The result—including covers of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”, Sia’s “Titanium”, and Matisyahu’s “One Day” that became viral videos—is truly remarkable. Parvati Magazine: How would you describe Koolulam to our readers? Who are the core members? How did it get started? MichalRead More
The “Incredibles 2” is this year’s summer offering from the illustrious Pixar studios. Released fourteen years after its predecessor, it’s been a long time coming for eager fans. This installment picks up after the original “Incredibles” ends, following the Parr family as they fight evil villains and navigate life. Most of the original cast returns, with Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter voicing the lead couple of Bob/Mr. Incredible and Helen/Elastigirl, and Sarah Vowell reprising her role as Violet. New to the cast is Huck Milner, who wasn’t even bornRead More
Formerly Known as Food
In “Formerly Known As Food: How the Industrial Food System Is Changing Our Minds, Bodies and Culture”, Kristin Lawless provides an eye-opening look at just how much trouble our health and our environment is in as a result of our current approach to food. This book is designed to educate readers based on current science and facts and inspire you to take action—and it meets both of those goals exceptionally well. Lawless starts by detailing just how processed our food really is. Just about everything we buy in a packageRead More
The Trust Frequency - The Third Assumption
The First Assumption creates a major paradox by saying “There is only Love.” What about all those things we consider not to be love? The Second Assumption resolves the paradox by clarifying the unconditional nature of the Love that creates and drives all things. Read More
Sustainable Fashion Awards-Jeanne Beker-Joy Elkayeam-Sola Desgagne
Each month, Parvati Magazine features designers who lead the frontier of fashion—created sustainably and consciously throughout the production cycle. This month, that work led me to Canada’s Sustainable Fashion Awards. This annual event is organized by Fashion Takes Action (FTA), a Canadian not-for-profit founded in 2007 to support the sustainable fashion industry on an international scale. FTA members who applied for consideration in this year’s awards were evaluated by a jury based on their sustainability practices, design, and business prowess. The jury chose three finalists, the winner of whom wouldRead More
Trust Frequency Second Assumption Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey
The First Assumption creates a major paradox by saying “There is only Love.” What about all those things we consider not to be love? The Second Assumption resolves the paradox by clarifying the unconditional nature of the Love that creates and drives all things. Read More
Book Review-Dr. Qing Li Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese, is essentially the act of being in the presence of trees. The therapeutic qualities of forests have been lauded as both a cure-all and a preventative measure in Japan since the 1980’s and “Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness” offers Westerners insights into both the science and benefits of this free treatment. Dr. Qing Li is one of the world’s leading experts in forest bathing and has been studying the effects of environmental chemicals, stress and lifestyle on immuneRead More
Hey Ocean!
Canadian indie-pop sensation Hey Ocean! is back from a several-year hiatus of solo albums to release a new album entitled “The Hurt of Happiness”. Parvati Magazine sat down with lead guitarist David Beckingham to discuss the album, the ocean, and the power of giving back to the community. PMAG: What was the inspiration for Hey Ocean!’s name, and what is your take on the state of the oceans these days and the way humans are treating it? DB: Hey Ocean! got its name on the beaches of Costa Rica whenRead More
The Miracle Season
Despite a tragic beginning, “The Miracle Season” is a feel-good movie based on the real-life tale of the 2011 high school girls volleyball team from West High School in Iowa City. Fresh off a state championship in 2010, best friends Kelley Fliehler (Erin Moriarty) and Caroline “Line” Found (Danika Yarosh) are excited to lead the team to another banner year. Line is clearly the ringleader and instigator of the two, while Kelly happily tags along with a friend who regularly pushes her out of her comfort zone to ensure sheRead More