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I was recently reading about how to inspire people to recognize and take action on climate change. One article raised some excellent points about human nature, and why we respond to certain prompts and not to others. This inspired me to consider the take-aways for businesses when it comes to working with human nature. Here are five strategies to help you meet the challenges of starting and running a successful business that is ecologically responsible. Get past denial. Few newlyweds think they have a 50% chance of divorcing, but thoseRead More
The popular phrase “nice guys finish last” leaks its way into the world of business. Those who are determined not to be left at the bottom of the hiring ladder, too often believe that they need to be aggressive, even cutthroat, to get their way and move ahead in their careers. Leaving a wake of damage along their path, these people may move up the row of corporate hierarchy, but at a cost far too high to provide any lasting happiness. Then there are those who have given up onRead More
Sometimes the stakes when making mistakes are large and can result in losing money, customers or valuable employees. The humility in admitting the error develops both personal and what I call “corporate empathy”. Outside of the not for profit sector, corporate empathy is not yet a variable that is part of a company’s ethos. When it does start to become in vogue, hopefully it will be understood to be congruous with profitability.Read More
Regardless of whether we choose to inflict, avoid or engage in conflict, it is inevitable that it will happen at work. Being able to resolve conflict is part of true leadership. Here are seven steps to resolving work conflict.Read More
Fresh off Climate Reality Leadership trading with the former Vice President of the United States Al Gore, I take my role as a climate leader very seriously. When I was doing my MBA at Schulich School of Business in Toronto, there was no environmental science and business school integration. I had to convince my professors that the electives that I wanted to take were relevant to my future as an MBA. I needed to demonstrate that courses in the School of Environmental Sciences should count as credit towards my mastersRead More
Image credit: Mikael Vejdemo Johanssen I was recently coaching an Information Technologist who was trying to solve a complex issue as it related to his business. While the problem he faced is well beyond my skill level, I was able to help him get to a level where the process for the solving the problem arose within him through a surrendered state. When a problem arises at work, we often tense up. If we are aware of the feelings we will notice that we are even irritated by the problem. That thisRead More
Image credit: Tec Estromberg Likely all of us have, at some time or another, felt “snowed under” at work. Tasked with so many projects that the thought of seeing the “light of day” and achieving the desired results or even succeeding at completing these tasks seems insurmountable. Usually the first thought is P.A.N.I.C. “Oh my goodness, this is impossible or I simply am not going to be able to get through this. I will fail.” From my own experiences, and working with many other people and projects I have comeRead More
Image credit: Smart Train Seth Godin’s book Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us brings home the idea that more than products, more than efficient labour, more than ideas, the world needs leaders. That leaders create movements and that movements create revolutions. He explains how over the course of the industrial revolution and well into the age of information, the role of today’s manager has changed. But has it changed enough? While we used to focus on exploiting resources to the fullest and squeezing as much productivity out of theRead More
Image credit: Gregory Han Every one of us who owns a business started with a dream to build a thriving and abundant business. Why do some dreams manifest while others do not? Over the years, I have studied hundreds of real business examples, including some of my own, and have found common patterns that delineate lack from abundance. So if you find yourself in lack, and desire to shift, then take note of these five tips to achieve abundance in your own life. The beautiful thing about this list isRead More
Image credit: Gregory Han Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business at some point in their lives. Often, this thought may be spawned by having a difficult boss or a challenging group of coworkers. But if this is the only reason you may wish to start out on your own, then most likely, starting a business will lead to disappointment. A recent study showed that the majority of people who start their own business did so to find freedom. They were tired of working for someone else. It isRead More