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marten thorslund, we don't have time, social media movement
Image credit: Alex Baginski Ekroth In a social media world full of slogans, cliches and catchphrases, how do you stand out and reach the world with a life-saving message? This month, Sweden’s Mårten Thorslund, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer of We Don’t Have Time, spoke to us about building the biggest social media network for climate action. This conversation has been condensed and edited. Parvati Magazine: In this digital age it can be challenging to engage readers. Tell us how We Don’t Have Time is using social media to reachRead More
Ogilvy, BRAC, rohingya crisis, refugee crisis, building resources across communities
Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar’s western Rakhine State in a catastrophic and growing refugee crisis. The creative advertising firm Ogilvy has partnered with BRAC (Building Resources Across Communities) to make a difference. This month Natalie Lyall, Group Publishing Director at Ogilvy, describes Ogilvy’s efforts to draw global attention to this crisis. Parvati Magazine: The migration of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar has made international news. But the headlines do not really tell the whole story. What do you think most people don’t realize about this situation? Natalie Lyall:Read More
Earth ethics, sustainable future
United Earth is bringing people and nations together - shaping a sustainable future for our planet. Founded by Claes Nobel, grand-nephew of Nobel Prize creator Dr. Alfred Nobel, the not-for-profit organization is galvanizing worldwide environmental and humanitarian efforts. We are inspired this month as Marcus Nobel, Executive Director and President of United Earth, shares the NGO’s vision to empower and revitalize the world through societal and environmental healing.Read More
woman's nature, woman's power, yin power, softness, openness, yin
Globally, about one in three women will be beaten, raped or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Recent events in the United States shine a spotlight on how pervasive sexual assault and harassment are in our culture. The hostility and disregard toward women who report they were sexually assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh speaks to a much deeper issue of entitlement, fear and suspicion toward the feminine. Like the majority of women who have been sexually assaulted, I did not report my rape to the police. I was a teenager andRead More
peace, Napa valley, healing, transformation, rebuild
Heidi Kuhn, creator of Roots of Peace, is on a quest to eradicate landmines and rebuild post-conflict regions – creating livelihood opportunities worldwide. Parvati Magazine: Not only do you demine regions to remove threats to life and limb, you also support economic development by cultivating minefields into farmland. What called you to this work? Heidi Kuhn: In September 1997, following the death of the late Princess Diana, I hosted an event for the Commonwealth Club and [gave] a prophetic toast: “May the world go from mines to vines…” Turning visionRead More
Prague, Lennon Wall, Nature Needs Half, WILD Foundation, environmental preservation, biodiversity and conservation,conservation of biodiversity
In 2009, WILD Foundation declared Nature Needs Half (NNH) to conserve half of all land and sea by 2050. NNH recently allied with and included MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary into their strategy. This month, we spoke to Vance Martin, President, and Amy Lewis, Vice President of Communications & Development of WILD Foundation about this invaluable project. Parvati Magazine: Conserving half of Nature might sound bold to some, but your website points out that many voices have called for this for decades. What was the tipping point toRead More
International Marine Mammal Project - MMP
In 2002 the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) made waves when they rescued Keiko, the orca, seen in the movie Free Willy. This month Parvati Magazine spoke with Mark Palmer, Associate Director of IMMP, about their accomplishments and how to make a difference in marine protection. Parvati Magazine: Tell us about International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP). Mark Palmer: IMMP is one of the oldest projects under the banner of Earth Island Institute (EII). It works to protect whales and dolphins around the world and their ocean habitats. IMMP actively opposesRead More
Sea Turtles Turtle Island Restoration Network
Wildlife activist and biologist Todd Steiner founded Turtle Island Restoration Network in 1987 to protect marine species and promote ocean health. We spoke with him about why marine protection is essential for a healthy planet. Parvati Magazine: Tell us about Turtle Island Restoration Network! What inspired you to start advocating for marine species and dedicate your life to protecting sea turtles? Todd Steiner: Turtle Island Restoration Network believes the wellbeing of marine species, including sea turtles and salmon, is linked to the wellbeing and future of all life on Earth.Read More
World Pulse Jensine Larsen
Jensine (Yen-See-Nah) Larsen is an international journalist who took her passion for sharing women’s stories and developed a collaborative network of women leaders called World Pulse. We sat down with her to find out how it all happened. Parvati Magazine: How did a 19-year-old girl from rural Wisconsin get a job as an international journalist in the Amazon and Burma? Jensine Larsen: I created my own dream job, which seems to be the story of my life.Read More
Community - James Thornton-ClientEarth
One of the most important environmental protection tools available to us today is the law. Lawyers who dedicate their training and talent to keeping water clean and land unpillaged, and holding corporations and governments responsible, can be powerful changemakers for a healthy world. Led by James Thornton, ClientEarth is a team of activist lawyers who work with the values of possibility, boldness, creativity, adaptability, transparency and strategy to protect Nature for the sake of all. We spoke with Mr. Thornton about meditation, love for Nature, and the future of theRead More