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Community: Charter for Compassion

In 2008, a TED talk by a former nun turned bestselling author and interfaith commentator led to the development of the Charter for Compassion. Karen Armstrong came to prominence for her 1993 book “A History of God” and then greater prominence following the events of September 11, 2001, when she began to be called on to speak about the commonalities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Raised Catholic, she no longer identifies with any one religion, but takes interest in the common thread of compassion between all religions. In the 2008Read More
The Arctic needs your help! As I mentioned in the Letter from the Editor, when I recently learned that the Canadian government has given clearance for oil companies to bomb the seabed of the Arctic Ocean to test for oil deposits, I felt profoundly shaken in the depth of my being. Having traveled to the North Pole to raise awareness of the quickly melting polar ice caps in the fall of 2010, I feel deeply connected to the ocean there, its inhabitants and the people who live in the Arctic.Read More
The global ecological crisis is a wake-up call for us all. It is not only a call to act with greater compassionate understanding of how interconnected we are. It is an opportunity for each one of us to wake up to the magnificence of our true nature, which is love. A collective is only as strong as its individuals. If we want to change our environment, we need to transform ourselves. The planet is a complex living organism with wisdom and compassion beyond what we can understand. It continually respondsRead More

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Community: The Blue Dot Tour

At 78, most people are settled comfortably into their retirement, living at a gentler pace and likely not in the public eye. That cannot be said of scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki. As this article goes to press, the 78-year-old Suzuki has embarked on a cross-country tour of Canada called the Blue Dot tour to rally people to protect clean air and water. The Blue Dot tour, so named for the image of the planet Earth from space, will visit 20 communities over seven weeks. Its objective is to seeRead More
This month, Parvati Magazine speaks with Ana Conner and Karen Hall, two youth activists with FIERCE, a New York City-based grassroots organization for LGBTQ youth of colour. Parvati Magazine: How was FIERCE founded and what is the significance of the name? Ana Conner: Three major factors played a significant role: the hyper-policing happening throughout NYC, the gentrification of the West Village, and the impact that those factors had on queer and trans youth, especially youth of color. There was a rise in police brutality during that time, and when AmadouRead More
Editor’s note: As this issue of Parvati Magazine goes to press, perhaps the two most preoccupying situations in the news are those in the Gaza strip, where hostilities continue to claim lives on both sides, and in the Ukraine, where a passenger jet carrying almost 300 people was shot down, with no survivors. Both these issues are so complex and changing so rapidly that we do not feel able to adequately address them in a single monthly column. We encourage you to read up about these issues and to visualizeRead More
When we are depressed, we feel sad and heavy. When we are despaired, we feel alone and disconnected. In darker emotional states, we can feel unable to deal with our lives, overwhelmed sometimes by even the smallest things, like going outside to collect the mail. Out of habit and sometimes due to socialization, we try to push our feelings away. We don’t like them. We may feel that they betray our image of ourselves. We may feel too exposed and out of control. We may feel that we will notRead More

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Community: Shaking Up Ukraine

While this month’s film review discusses a fictional revolution, there is a real revolution happening in Ukraine, with real bullets and real lives. We have hesitated to put forward an article on the developments in Ukraine since they are so complex and are changing so rapidly that a single magazine spread can barely address the key points and may be out of date within days. But we feel it is important that Parvati Magazine, dedicated to an awakened world, keeps its readers aware of this situation on the planet. ViktorRead More
My experience with the practice of yoga has been one of turning inwards and self-reflection. Any Google search will show the countless benefits of yoga – and I believe that they increase exponentially when shared with those around us. I soon began to wonder what happens when we go beyond our immediate circle of friends, family, and loved ones to extend the benefits of yoga with those in need in our own communities. I started the Yoga Mala Foundation (YMF) to find out. The YMF has its roots in aRead More

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News: Expanding Our Connection

As this month’s issue of Parvati Magazine goes to post, it has been a painful week. Bombings at the Boston Marathon left a nation in shock; a subsequent chase for the suspects brought a city to standstill. Explosions at a fertilizer plant in Texas have killed at least 14 people. Young girls continue to be gang-raped in India. As a runner who daydreams of running a Boston marathon, I took the Boston bombings seriously. While I have yet to run my first marathon, I feel a connection with the peopleRead More