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Posted On November 17, 2011By Parvati MagazineIn December 2011 - Light and Dark, News, Politics

Politics: Keeping the Lights On

In this season of darkness and light, do we consider what it takes to keep the lights lit, the mall muzak playing, the airplanes fuelled and the cars running? The answers to these questions can be difficult. Most of us, whether we like it or not, depend on power from polluting fossil fuels, or from nuclear energy. The political and environmental issues with fossil fuels are well known. As the price of oil rises, it becomes increasingly profitable to exploit dirtier oil reserves at ever greater financial and environmental cost.Read More
Last January, I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I joined the Off the Mat, Into the World Challenge to raise $20,000 for Haiti by December 15th of this year, and then travel to Haiti next February to aid in relief efforts there. It is scary to see how almost two years later, the people are still paying for the devastating earthquake that destroyed their land, infrastructure, and so many families. “Off the Mat, Into the World” (OTM) was started four years ago by three remarkableRead More
One of the places in the world where you will find few people willing to contest the assertion that our climate is changing is the Arctic region. Every summer, more and more ice melts away from the northern reaches of Canada’s territory. This year, an “unprecedented” amount of protective ozone was lost over the Arctic. Scientists have warned that the North Pole will be in the open sea by 2040 – if not much sooner. A territory relatively untouched and inaccessible by man will become accessible by boat, enabling visitsRead More
September 26, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the first music performance at the North Pole.  Electronic pop artist, yogi and philanthropist Parvati Devi performed four of her original songs on Ward Hunt Island, the most northern piece of land in Canada. Though no audience was present, the music offering at the top of the world was captured on video. The event was the culmination of a five-day journey to raise awareness of the effects of global warming in the far North. “I was becoming increasingly painfully aware of theRead More
It is difficult to fully grasp the magnitude of suffering and starvation which is currently taking place in the Horn of Africa (the portion of the east coast of the continent which juts out towards the Middle East, containing Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya). It may be even more difficult to imagine how to solve the problem. In this column, I will attempt to at least give an introduction to the situation, as well as provide reference for further reading. The climate in the Horn of Africa often goes through periodsRead More