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Weaving together Eastern and Western philosophies, Tias Little connects his mindful yoga teachings to the depths of the subtle body and the Earth. This month we spoke with Tias about his support for Yogis Unite, and Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary – sharing why he believes yogis must come together in support of “the global body”, for planetary healing. Parvati Magazine: Your unique approach enables students to embrace a greater level of mindfulness and prajna (deep understanding). How does yoga inform your view of the world? Tias Little: The work thatRead More
Yogis Unite - St. Petes Yoga Festival
From the warmth of sunny Florida comes a yogi’s call to protect the polar ice that safeguards all life on Earth. Across the Tampa Bay on the Gulf Coast of Florida is the picturesque St. Petersburg, often known as the “Sunshine City”. Within St. Petersburg is a century-old botanical paradise called the Sunken Gardens. Since 2011, this garden has played host to the St. Pete Yoga Festival, showcasing the diversity of yoga and engaging the community in a family-friendly day of yoga, music, food, laughter and love. This fall, theRead More
Karma Yoga-Yogis Unite-Christ University, Bangalore India
Science now proves what yogis have known for millennia: when you redirect your energy to giving rather than getting, to serving rather than wanting, your entire biochemistry changes and begins to vibrate at a higher rate. You feel more connected and fulfilled in ways never imagined. A richness begins to grow deep within that banishes unhappiness, gives health and provides a sense of fulfillment. So it is a natural extension of supporting a healthy world that Parvati Magazine and Parvati.org present Yogis Unite, a beautiful opportunity to practice karma yoga—theRead More
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I am so inspired by what I’m about to share in this column, that I have given my life’s work to it. It is such a magnificent embodiment of the meaning of yoga, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you will be a part of it too. As you may know, the word Yoga literally means to yoke, to join, a union or a coming together. There are hundreds of millions of us practicing yoga worldwide. Imagine what would happen if we came together for oneRead More