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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, musical romance
Amy Kellestine Reviews “A Star is Born” The latest “A Star is Born” is a fresh take on a well-worn and well-loved story. Originally on the big screen in the 30s, and again in the 50s and 70s, the concept won an Oscar when it debuted. This version, written, directed, and led on screen by Bradley Cooper, had some shining moments but was ultimately problematic for me. In this version, veteran frontman Jackson Maine (Cooper) is a superstar on the stage, but struggles with addiction. One night, while on aRead More
green carpet challenge, green fashion, econyl, aquafil
Learn about the Eco-Age team’s empowering initiatives, including the Green Carpet Challenge, and their recent collaboration with Aquafil. With strategic initiatives dedicated to driving positive, compassionate change within the clothing industry, Eco-Age is bringing sustainability to the forefront of fashion. We spoke to them this month about their latest innovative collaboration, and how they are turning ocean waste into something beautiful. Parvati Magazine: Your creative director, Livia Firth, works tirelessly to bring awareness to the fashion industry’s environmental damage, and human rights violations – particularly the garment industry’s detrimental impactRead More
present moment, mindful living, only now, intuitive mind
For many of us, most of our waking thoughts are taken up with regrets, memories and nostalgia about the past, or fears, hopes and plans for the future. We rarely put our full attention on the present moment. We’re too busy to sit around meditating. We don’t have time, or at least that is how it seems in our frenzied, stressful lives, but let’s stop for a second and ask ourselves: What is time, in reality?Read More
indigenous values, Sami people, indigenous history, indigenous education, indigenous self-determination
Book Review by Amy Kellestine Why are Indigenous people around the globe, as young as nine years old, killing themselves up to ten times more often than non-Indigenous people? The award-winning investigative journalist Tanya Talaga explores the root causes of this alarming trend and looks for answers in “All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.” The issues can be traced back to what is now recognized as the cultural genocide of Indigenous peoples around the world, from Canada to Finland to Brazil and elsewhere: separating them from their land, theirRead More
deva, Gayatri Mantra, yoga mantras, mantra meditation, yoga chants, mantra yoga, chants for meditation
With the release of her latest uplifting album, Deva Premal is on a mission to encourage healing through the power of mantra. “DEVA” is a beautiful collection for yoga, meditation or simply relaxation. This month, the chart-topping singer speaks to Parvati Magazine about her transformative musical journey. Parvati Magazine: Deva, originally you were shy about singing and only sang backup to Miten’s tracks. But all that changed one day, with one mantra. What happened to bring you forward to be a lead singer? Deva Premal: Yes, it totally changed whenRead More
The Grace Mindset, power of the mind, Parvati Devi, natural healing
Welcome to the first in a mini-series on “The Grace Mindset”, Parvati’s transformative upcoming book on the healing process. To step into “The Grace Mindset” is to connect with the true source of healing—for you and the world. It brings life-changing clarity to common blocks and obstacles to healing, such as the idea that healing happens “to” you or that adversity is a punishment. With practical guidance you can apply right away, Parvati empowers you to live your greatest health on all levels. You can be inspired by true storiesRead More
If you’re surprised that Barbra Streisand’s first album of original new music in over a decade is led off by a blistering indictment of the current US administration, you probably haven’t been keeping up with her Twitter. Or her Huffington Post articles. Or the speeches she’s been giving for decades. In short, this trailblazer for women in the entertainment industry, with a voice as striking and capable at 76 as it was when she was 19, has been fiercely outspoken for as long as she’s had a platform to beRead More
non-judgement, no judgement, awakening, diversity talks
Book Review by Amy Kellestine “Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist” is a detailed account of Derek Black’s journey from white nationalist to anti-racism activist. Researched and written by Eli Saslow, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The Washington Post, the book provides a detailed look at the history of Derek’s original beliefs and the intimate details of their dismantling. It’s a masterful example of the patience, care, and empathy required to support a fundamental shift in beliefs, and shows what conversations can happen during divisiveRead More
circumstance, higher purpose, trust the universe, life and fate
Every human being longs for freedom. We are all familiar with the deep desire for self-determination, but how many of us realize that we are already free? We are born free. We came to this life by the exercise of free choice. It is only our deeply ingrained, culturally imposed assumptions to the contrary that makes us imagine otherwise.Read More
Nick Hornby book, realistic romantic comedy, love triangle
Amy Kellestine Reviews “Juliet, Naked” Don’t be misled by the title of “Juliet, Naked”. There are no characters named Juliet and no nudity. Rather, the movie’s title is that of a new music single that serves as an unexpected plot point in a delightful romantic comedy. Based on the 2009 novel by Nick Hornby, who also brought us “High Fidelity” and “About a Boy”, the movie showcases an unlikely love triangle. It also offers thoughtful commentary on how we relate to pop culture icons, and how it’s never too lateRead More