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Positive Possibilities Morning Sun Parvati
There once was a great spiritual master who was preparing to leave his village to meditate in isolation in the mountains for some time. The master said he would take someone with him to assist with the journey. Many of his devoted students hoped that the saint would choose them for the special trip. But to everyone’s surprise, the master chose the most unlikely person in the village to accompany him: the obnoxious chai boy who ran the local tea stall. As the master and the boy prepared to leaveRead More
A lifetime of travel has led me to appreciate the power of perspective on the moment. At times, as I move through my work day in Toronto, an inner giggle bubbles up from within, and I see the streets of East York as though they were a borough in Scandinavia. The supermarket where I get my daily needs becomes a Tesco in England or a Carrefour in France. Similarly, I have cooked rice over a camp stove by the back of my musical tour van in a campground in NorthRead More