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Positive Possibilities-Creative Process
From the creative cave of my music studio where I have been completing new albums, I was reminded the other day of how the artistic process is cyclical, with ups and downs on the way to completion. I often reflect upon the wise words in the Bhagavad Gita, which says that a yogi is one who acts without attachment to the fruits of his actions. I am blessed with regular reminders of this understanding, which is at the heart of my life’s work and purpose. The tendency may be toRead More
Spiritual awakening-Parvati Devi-Positive Possibilities-'
Enlightenment is a part of everyone’s destiny. As you let go of your perceptions that tell you that you are separate, you come to experience that you, and everything within and around you, are one with infinite consciousness. Then, you realize your divine nature and are able to love and see all equally. Often through a break of your ego’s grip due to the weight of your own suffering, you awaken to a life beyond the pain of a divided “me”. You realize that there is more to life thanRead More