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World-renowned yoga instructor, holistic wellness coach and former competitive track and field athlete Koya Webb believes in the power of compassion and connection. An empowering advocate for loving self, others, and the planet, Koya joins Yogis Unite and speaks to Parvati Magazine about how the movement aligns with her mission for environmental healing. This interview has been edited and condensed. Parvati Magazine: You place a lot of emphasis on self-care and self-love. How does this provide a foundation to connect with greater unity and healing for our world? Koya Webb:Read More
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Deepening your awareness of your breath is a vital key to unlock the alchemical power of Hatha Yoga. The breath connects your inner and outer worlds. When you focus on its flow, your breath will gently, yet powerfully, dissolve any notions that you are a limited, separate being. Awareness of the breath will bring you to rest in a field of profound unity with all that is. When your body is relaxed and healthy, its various rhythms (cardiovascular, craniosacral, respiratory, etc) flow in a synchronous dance within the whole. InherentlyRead More
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The Sanskrit word sankalpa refers to making a serious intention or vow, in which you resolve to take a specific action and/or to ensure that something will come to pass. When a sankalpa is made in clarity, humility and enthusiasm, it can be very powerful. Read More
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Coach, top CrossFit competitor, devoted mother - Elisabeth Akinwale is a force of nature. True to her surname (Yoruba for “The warrior has returned”), Akinwale has championed multiple CrossFit games and weightlifting competitions. She radiates strength and determination. This month we are empowered by her philosophy on obstacles, perseverance, and women’s strength. Read More
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Founder of Finding Vegan and Healthy Happy Life, food blogger and entrepreneur Kathy Patalsky’s self-described mission is “to inspire everyday people to eat more plants, embrace their natural compassion towards animals, and show love to their own souls and bodies — all while changing the world one vegan meal at a time.” We spoke with her about her passion for delicious food and personal empowerment. Parvati Magazine: Your website is filled with beautiful photos of delicious food and your passion for what you do is present throughout the site. HowRead More
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THREE Cosmetics was founded in Japan by Yasushi Ishibashi at a time when the global beauty market was dominated by Western brands. A favourite of beauty editors in Japan, THREE takes a holistic yet modern approach when it comes to its cosmetic and skin care offering. We spoke to the founder about where green beauty is headed in Japan and the unique native ingredients in their line. This interview took place in Japanese. It has been translated, edited and condensed. Green and clean beauty from Japan Parvati Magazine: Mr. Ishibashi,Read More
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A marine biologist, educator and wild water advocate, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols has always found inspiration in adventure and science. With his latest project on building the Blue Mind groundswell, Parvati Magazine dives in to explore our affinity for water and its health benefits. Parvati Magazine: Please describe the Blue Mind. Wallace J. Nichols: The phrase Blue Mind refers generally to the emotional health benefits humans derive from time spent in nature and near, in on or under water. It’s best understood in contrast to Red Mind, the distracted andRead More
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Due to the effect of gravity and the way we identify with our habits, we hold tension in our tissue, electrical and nervous systems. When newborn, our bodies are highly receptive to growth. We breathe life with greater co-creative fluidity. With age, we tend to become more set in our ways. Our attachments resist the flow of life, through which comes physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual rigidity. This tension in turn can lead to unhappiness and ill-health. At a physical level, resistance to the flow of life can affect theRead More
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Image credit: Colleen Sheehan Keri Glassman is a crusader for conscious living and mindful eating. Creator of Nutritious Life, Keri brings a customized, whole-person approach to living beyond fad diets and exercise trends. This month Keri inspires us with her journey to holistic living, feeling empowered, and the “eight pillars” of a nutritious life. This conversation has been condensed and edited. Parvati Magazine: As a college athlete, you struggled with the disconnect between your body’s needs and what society seemed to consider the “ideal” female form. Keri Glassman: It wasRead More
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May Lindstrom started making natural beauty items like mud and honey masks from childhood, out of necessity: her sensitive skin would go into rashes or even blisters from the products her peers were using. Her youthful creativity has grown up into a beauty company dedicated to a minimal yet comprehensive line of pure and potent skin care. Read More