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Welcome to the May 2017 edition of Parvati Magazine. The spiritual path asks for focus and discipline. Yet, we are also called not to take ourselves too seriously while we cultivate an effervescent spirit. The Dalai Lama laughs and jokes on many occasions. At some of her spiritual talks, my teacher Amma has asked her devotees to pick up the microphone and tell jokes or to play patty cakes while singing bhajans. Laughter is indeed soul medicine that loosens our mental and physical tension and helps us to become truly present. PleaseRead More
Welcome to the April 2017 edition of Parvati Magazine. Spring reminds us that life is a renewing force. After the desolate landscape of winter, we see the beginnings of colourful, tender leaves and new life sprouting from the earth. As we move through the routine and unexpected events in our lives, it is easy to get caught up in feeling that we need to take charge and do everything ourselves. We may forget that in every moment, we have Nature’s ever-present support. But what we receive from Nature is beyond its abundantRead More
Welcome to the March 2017 edition of Parvati Magazine. The Chinese Taoist master Lao Tzu from the sixth century B.C. wisely reminds us: “If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be truly fulfilled.” Yogis, sages and spiritual masters teach us to look within to find lasting joy. So we know that the key to finding balance in relationships with others is in finding balance in our relationship with our self, which begins within. We have guideposts, clues, along the path of self-awakening. We learn to support what feelsRead More
Welcome to the February 2017 edition of Parvati Magazine. I love words. Maybe that is why I compose and sing songs, write books, and founded this magazine. Words can be a way to share what we are passionate about, even if it is just savouring words themselves. As a word-lover, I enjoy etymology, that is, the history of words. It was not just my childhood study of Latin and my first language being French that inspired this. Seeing how words evolve helps me appreciate more levels of their meaning. So IRead More
Welcome to the January 2017 edition of Parvati Magazine. I recently asked my mother whether she felt the world was crazier now than when she was young, or that the underbelly of the human psyche is simply more visible today due to the power of our media. She gasped, then immediately responded that people are much more on edge and violent today. I recently had the privilege of meeting a 92-year-old World War 2 British marine vet. I asked him the same question. He too felt that the world is moreRead More
Welcome to the December 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. It takes a special kind of courage to look straight at a painful situation and ask what it is teaching you. Such courage requires a form of ego death, letting go of feeling that life is happening to us. It gives us the power to reclaim parts of ourselves that we gave away long ago to ideas we have about ourselves that do not serve who we truly are. I believe that the universe is deeply compassionate. Like a wise and lovingRead More
Welcome to the November 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. When we pause to consider for a moment the many ways in which we are attached to doing in order to feel a sense of purpose, we quickly see that we are habituated into thinking that we are the very force that gives us life. We have lost sight of the life force that flows through us to sustain us in each moment, the reality that we are in essence that very flow. Going with the flow is not passive, but anRead More
Welcome to the October 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. The meditation practice known as witnessing provides powerful insights into the ways in which we are attached to our perceptions. Witnessing has provided lasting shifts in the way I think and perceive. It has helped me move from being attached to painful thoughts, to living with greater freedom and joy. Witnessing is an essential part of any sincere meditator’s practice. It is at the heart of yoga and spiritual development. Witnessing is not the same as observing. Because witnessing is rooted inRead More
Welcome to the September 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. The process of our soul’s evolution involves a purification of our distorted perceptions that sees ourselves as separate, suffering entities. As we come to fully experience that our essence and everything within and around us is one with unlimited consciousness, we realize our true, divine nature. One who truly understands and lives within this reality loves all things equally and sees all things equally, because to him, all is undivided consciousness, not separate from himself, or anything that is. This state ofRead More
Welcome to the August 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. Whether you are pursuing the life of an artist, are making life changes or wish to start a creative venture, you must have focus, discipline and courage. Every moment is filled with possibility, which is part of the magnificence and divine beauty of being alive. Keeping focused on the purpose of our life is paramount, especially as we move through the day and encounter seemingly small things that become large obstacles and that take us off path. In this month’s issue,Read More