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Welcome to the July 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. The meditation practice known as witnessing provides powerful insights into the ways in which we are attached to our perceptions. It has shown me the parameters of my active ego with extraordinary clarity. Witnessing has provided lasting shifts in the way I think and perceive. It has helped me move from being attached to painful thoughts, to living with greater freedom and joy. When we witness, we are fully present. Life turns from monochrome to technicolour. We feel more connected, aliveRead More
Welcome to the June 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. The summer solstice is a time when the vitality in nature is at its highest. Not only is this the longest day of the year, it is also when nature infuses the soil with the greatest amount of vitality. It is the most vibrant time of the year. Our human bodies are a part of nature. For this reason, the more receptive we are to the vitality that is freely given by nature, the healthier we become. When soil is vital, itsRead More
Welcome to the May 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. When we were children, we instinctively called for our mother to help us up after we took a spill, or to soothe our aching hearts. Our mother was to come and wrap us up with that perfect embrace, whisper the perfect words that were to help us find our way back to wholeness. Or so we hoped. Whether we had a “perfect” childhood or one with more complexity, as we mature, we eventually come to realize that we must learn toRead More
Welcome to the February/March 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. Winter, such as it has been in Toronto, Canada, has come to an end. This year, the coldest days have seemed fewer and the snow has been less. We live in a changing, overheated climate, and we must take steps to protect the planet that sustains us. Yet, the natural rhythm of transition from winter to spring remains. The days have steadily lengthened since the winter solstice. Light is returning. If you have been feeling snowed under, stuck or hidden in theRead More
Happy New Year! Welcome to our first Parvati Magazine issue in 2016! As you turn your attention towards the year ahead, you may have heartfelt dreams and intentions for what this year could bring. Perhaps lists are already made full of your New Year’s resolutions and you begin with high hopes that this year will be better than the last. As you take your first steps in this new year, you need to feel confident in the wisdom of your goals and in your ability to remain true to theRead More
Welcome to the December 2015 issue of Parvati Magazine. This month, we celebrate some highlights from recent Parvati Magazine issues, while also providing a current update on the leadup to COP21 in Paris. Enjoy these excellent articles by some of our fabulous contributors! Parvati Fill out your email address to download the PDF directly. Onword Thank you for reading the December 2015 edition of Parvati Magazine. T. S. Eliot wrote, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started andRead More
Welcome to the November 2015 issue of Parvati Magazine. Daylight Savings Time has ended and the nights are lengthening on their way to the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet, even as darkness seems to increase, luminosity is not only possible – it is our destiny. As we come to fully experience that our essence and everything within and around us is one with unlimited consciousness, we realize our true, divine nature. One who truly understands and lives within this reality loves all things equally and sees all things equally,Read More
Welcome to the October 2015 issue of Parvati Magazine. This month, we explore the theme of forgiveness. Noticing the combination of the two words “for” and “give” that make up the word “forgive” led me to looking up its root meaning. The Old English dictionary suggests that “forgive” refers to the sense of giving up the desire or power to punish. But to me, forgiveness means much more. When we forgive, we give – not only to another, but to ourselves. We return the power that we mistakenly gave another person,Read More
Welcome to the September 2015 issue of Parvati Magazine. As the summer turns cooler, the days shorten, and people close their cottages to get back to work, September can feel like a month of new beginnings. Whether or not we are students or teachers, this time is the mark of a New Year for many. It is a time in which we lay out plans and make resolutions for the coming months. Yet for many, the good intentions set at the beginning of September may derail even before October’s first frosts.Read More
Parvati Magazine August 2015 Dance Movement Action
Welcome to the August 2015 issue of Parvati Magazine. As this issue goes to print, I and several parvati.org colleagues have just completed the Climate Reality Leadership training with Al Gore. Over the course of the training, Al Gore emphasized repeatedly the need to act in recognition that our planet is overheated, our climate out of balance and our cultural habits the cause. No one is immune from the effects of global warming. As such, each of us is called both practically and morally to take responsibility for our actions. ItRead More