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Welcome to the March 2015 edition of Parvati Magazine. About twenty years ago, I heard someone say that if you are stressed, you are in your ego. At that time, I was identified with the stresses in my life, convinced they were permanent and real. I had no idea what a life with greater awareness would look like. Yet somehow, the words stayed with me and have acted as a backdrop to the ongoing spiritual experiment that is my life. I now feel closer than ever to understanding what it looksRead More
Welcome to the February 2015 edition of Parvati Magazine. Emotions move through our body as a means for us to understand more viscerally our mental reactions to thoughts. When we feel afraid, our heart races. When we feel angry, our temperature rises. We feel in response to our thoughts. Our minds are a collection of expectations and memories. As such, our emotions tend to reflect our past experiences and future hopes. As we evolve, we learn to move beyond the chatter of emotional reactions and allow the room for compassionRead More
Welcome to the December 2014/January 2015 edition of Parvati Magazine! This special New Year’s edition is a double issue on the themes Consequence and Beginnings. These themes are fitting as we look back at what we have learned from 2014 and towards the newness of 2015. It has been an exceptionally busy fall as we prepare the launch of a new website for early 2015, complete with an online TV channel. (The site looks amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you!) In the midst of this, theRead More
Welcome to the October 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. As we move beyond the equinox into the fall season when summer seems of the distant past, we may feel overwhelmed by increasing to-do lists and wonder how we keep healthy, happy and whole in meeting the goals we have set for ourselves. When the season turns and we adjust to the cooler temperatures, we are called to find balance in the face of change. Please enjoy this month’s articles that explore the theme Equilibrium to help you cultivate balance at allRead More
Welcome to the September 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. The word “fierceness” may conjure images of aggression, even violence. But from a spiritual perspective, fierceness can sit alongside us during our meditation practice, as we find fierce, single-pointed focus even when our mind creatively attempts to pull us from this moment. Being fierce along the path means finding profound courage and compassion to overcome habitual patterns and situations that eclipse our true magnificence. Fierceness inspires us to face rather than run from life’s challenges. Fierceness is not about attacking orRead More
Welcome to the summer 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine.  This issue has a double theme: Freedom and Delight. My summer has been both delightful and full of fresh insights that have given me a sense of new-found freedom. Since the last Parvati Magazine publication, we launched my new website. We hosted a preview party of my soon-to-be released music video “Yoga in the Nightclub”. We are in post-production for a second music video for my song “Shanti Om”. (Please watch the teasers!) On a personal level, my spiritual teacher Amma recentlyRead More
Welcome to the May 2014 issue of Parvati Magazine. This edition of Parvati Magazine goes to print on the Easter weekend. I believe that any one of us can be inspired by the grace that occurs during spiritual festivals from our varied and beautiful world traditions. For those who are willing, spring and the time of Easter are rich reminders of the truth that the process of rebirth and renewal is available to us in each moment, if we are willing to soften, open and be present for what is.Read More
Welcome to the April 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. As this issue goes to print, I am aware that I am one of many who is ready for spring. Whether you feel snowed in by the seemingly interminable ice and cold, or whether you simply feel overdue for a shift in your life, change inevitably comes when you are willing to let go of the old and embrace the new. As I share in my wellness article this month, prayers are always answered, just not always the way we may thinkRead More
Welcome to the March 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. Many of us seek a little magic in our lives, whether it be in something that adds sparkle to our wardrobe, or in the toe-tingling connection we have with someone who brightens our day, or in the zest we hope to embody that helps us to win others over. But when faced with things that shimmer, we must remember that the difference between a gem and a trinket, between genuine engagement and hiding from the truth, lies in our ability to wiselyRead More
Welcome to the February 2014 edition of Parvati  Magazine. Sobriety is a word we hear usually in relation to those suffering from substance abuse. Wikipedia describes sobriety as “the condition of not having any measurable levels of, or effects from, mood-altering drugs”. We think of addiction usually in terms of substances such as alcohol and drugs. But any habit we have that interferes with our quality of living may in fact be an addiction. If we do not know how to moderate, we may be a shop-aholic, work-aholic, rage-aholic, gossip-aholic,Read More