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I get a snapshot of world politics from the things I experience as I move through each day: captions in newspapers and on magazine stands, conversations on social media, and through the atmospheric vibration I touch in my daily meditation practice. I know that there have been clouds of dissension in the ethers for some time. I can see them in the media and sense them in the unseen. Over the past decade, our world has been struggling with increased local and global unrest as well as greater natural disasters.Read More
Once the holidays are over, this side dish is a perfect match to any lunch or dinner entree. My husband and I started making this when we began buying beets on a weekly basis and had the stems and leaves left over. This recipe is perfect for any green, whether it be spinach, collard greens, or swiss chard. After washing and chopping them, they are ready to go into the pan with a few spices and flavours. Ingredients ● 2 bunches beet greens or 1 bunch Swiss chard (enough toRead More
The first time I saw Bloc Party was at Revival in Toronto in 2004. They had just released their first EP and a single called Banquet. A little like Interpol meets Franz Ferdinand meets The Rapture they had a tight sound and high urgent energy that, at the time, left me feeling elevated. I obviously was not the only one tapped into the urgent energy that was reminiscent of a blend of New York City and London. It’s likely not an accident that they named their debut LP Silent Alarm.Read More
Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism and supporting an emerging network of Conscious Capitalism chapters serving as a community of inquiry worldwide. Parvati Magazine interviewed their Co-CEO Alexander McCobin. Parvati Magazine: You’ve said the Conscious Capitalism movement has the power bring about a new era in human existence. Can you share this vision? Alexander McCobin: Conscious Capitalism’s vision is a world in which business is both practiced and perceived as the greatest force for good. We believe business isRead More
People often ask me what it’s like to launch a fashion startup with no prior fashion experience. The answer often surprises people: It has set me up for success more than I could have ever imagined at the outset. Coming from a senior role in the investment industry, I was trained to sniff out the BS in facts, figures, and CEO speeches. My company, LeDaveed, has a mission to create the best fashion products, and do so in a way that applies stringent environmental standards. We’ve already earned B CorpRead More
To live in peace is to live free from any fear of violence, conflict, hostility, tension and aggression. In the presence of peace, there is no sense of againstness. When we live in peace, we live in Shanti Om, in unity, wholeness, rooted in our interconnection with all. We understand that we are one with the essential fabric of the universe. Againstness is understood as a self-imposed illusion, a reflection of our ego which only knows to separate and divide. In Shanti Om, there is reverence for all living things,Read More

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Yoga: Ahimsa Yoga, with JP Tamblyn-Sabo

Parvati Magazine’s yoga editor Ella Isakov interviewed JP Tamblyn-Sabo, one of the first yogis she met at the onset of her yoga journey. He owns several studios in Ontario, and is a huge inspiration for aspiring and senior yogis alike. Parvati Magazine: You have been practicing yoga for over 15 years; what keeps you inspired on this journey to embrace and spread the love of yoga? JP Tamblyn-Sabo: What keeps me inspired on this path is that it is constantly evolving. Just as you reach each new stage of yourRead More
I was initially hesitant to watch Arrival because I’m not typically a big fan of sci-fi or alien invasion movies. Those closest to me know how easily I scare and on this day, I didn’t have any friends who could offer their arm for me to squeeze for protection in the dark theatre. However, upon the recommendation of a trusted friend (who promised me more than I expected from the trailers) I set off on a cold and snowy Sunday afternoon to escape into another world. I am so thankfulRead More
I began writing poetry when my first love moved on. I was nineteen and my heart was broken. I didn’t have any true friends yet and so I began talking to myself, by writing. In time, I began to mend and realized that through my raw and honest reflection I’d begun a lifelong conversation with the Universe. This is the medicine of poetry: that through raw and honest reflection, we deepen our conversation with life. The purpose of poetry and expression is to make life real, to remove everything thatRead More

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Beauty: Soapwalla, with Rachel Winard

Soapwalla was born in founder Rachel Winard’s kitchen one evening in response to her sensitive skin issues caused by systemic lupus. Soapwalla’s skincare is crafted from the highest quality organic, vegan and food-grade ingredients. They are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and sold globally. Parvati Magazine: Tell us a bit about the process of starting from scratch and creating your own products? Rachel Winard: It was a lot of trial and error at the beginning. When I first started researching natural skin alternatives, I had just been diagnosed with lupus andRead More