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Image credit: Jianca Lazarus The Ironman Triathlon, one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world, consists of a 3.86 km swim, a 180.25 km bike ride, and then a full marathon (42.2 km run). Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae is one of the foremost women competing in Ironman today. Parvati Magazine: What has been your most meaningful experience to date as an athlete? Mirinda Carfrae: The day I realized I wanted to become a professional triathlete was the most incredible turning point of my life. I was invited toRead More
Since going dairy free and discovering the loveliness that is coconut cream, I’ve realized the possibilities of delicious desserts are endless. After trying a friend’s very delicious cake with almond butter and young coconut, I was inspired to make three layers of creamy rich mousse, using coconut cream as the main ingredient for two layers, with a carob avocado pudding in the middle. I also changed my usual brand of stevia, to try Better Stevia by Now. The nice thing about this recipe, and like most desserts that don’t requireRead More
Hidden Figures is a delight from beginning to end. I just got home from watching it in a packed theatre on a Friday night (which ended with the viewers applauding, myself included) and I can barely type out my praises fast enough. The ‘based on a true story’ movie features three African-American women who were ‘computers’ for NASA during the great race to space era. Before IBM mainframes, PCs, and iPads, there were humans sitting in rooms with pencils and papers cranking out calculation after calculation to determine how toRead More

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Fashion: Taska Bags, The Vegan Style

The bag you carry is more than a function of life. It is a part of your identity, your lifestyle, your look! At Taska, I build this idea into each design to make pieces that are as unique as you are. In addition to my commitment to style and function is a strongly held belief in producing items from 100% cruelty free materials. I use the highest quality vegan leathers, textures, wovens, felts, canvas and many other interesting textiles. The mixing of fabrics and textures has become the signature lookRead More
Parvati Magazine interviewed Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD, about her most recent book “Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life”, co-authored with Louise Hay. PMAG: Please tell us about your book. MLS: The book is about the five basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, love and joy; and about cognitive areas: attention, memory and learning as well as intuition. It is about all that has to do with the mind, and how the body’s chemistry influences the mind. In essence, a mood isn’t just affected by say, trauma (such as PTSD),Read More
Thirteen years ago I began my longest relationship to date, the one steady constant in my life, my relationship with yoga. For the first couple of years it was casual, mostly flirting now and then when opportunity arose. Then when I moved back to Canada from overseas, I decided to give it a real go, and the rest is history as they say. It was a love affair like no other. Being an ashtangi, we spent several hours together each day, and it wasn’t always pretty, happy or kind, butRead More
We are constantly in relationship with friends, family, spouses, our communities and with all that exists around us. We also have the very important relationship with our self, which sets the foundation for the way we interact with all else. Sometimes painful relationships can become life patterns, revisiting the same scenarios again and again. We may want change but too often try to transform our external world into what we want it to be, rather than witnessing what is and challenging our core beliefs. Relationships themselves are an abundant sourceRead More
Next to our shoulders, one of the tightest muscles in our body is often our hamstrings. We spend a lot of our time sitting, causing these long, powerful muscles to atrophy. Some people are born with naturally flexible hamstrings, while the rest of us need to put in a bit of effort to keep the stabilizing gems long and supple. If you have ever taken a yoga or exercise class that included hamstring stretching, you likely know that there is no muscle that can bring up issues of frustration moreRead More
Elbow is a British guitar band that explores emotional sensitivity through its music. Clearly influenced by Peter Gabriel, the progressive rock sounds and styles of Genesis and Kate Bush and the introspection of Radiohead, Elbow nonetheless steers clear of the progressive rock obligatory solos. Instead they embrace the orchestration and grandiose sounds that made prog rock so interesting. While Radiohead explores more of the underbelly, shadows and painful experiences of human existence, Elbow celebrates the human experience with sensitive depiction of memories, growing up, being in love, residing in loveRead More

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Business: Meaning Motivates

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” – Viktor E. Frankl Today, more than 50 percent of American employees are “disengaged” with a full 17% “actively disengaged”, as reported by Gallup. They have been researching employment engagement and motivation for many years and tell us these numbers have been rising by about 2% a year since 2000. This is a big problem because when people are disengaged they are unhappy in work and in life and productivity drops. It’s a lose/lose situation.Read More