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Within us all is a soul knowing that houses the memories from our previous births. Often masked by our personalities, in which we heavily invest by believing the power of our ego, we forget the magnificence of our true self. Please enjoy this month’s discussions of remembrance through yoga, healing the past through meditation, books and film exploring the richness of memory, a reminder that a good business needs a business plan, and more.Read More
Whether you need a grounding business plan, some zest from one of nature’s best pick-me-ups – ginger root, or whether you need to find your centre through a steady yoga, meditation or fitness practice, this issue of Parvati Magazine, that explores the notion of “roots”, is exactly what you’ve been looking for.Read More
Welcome to the September 2013 issue of Parvati Magazine, on the theme of Courage. Courage connotes the notion of overcoming obstacles, taking leaps of faith into the unknown and soaring to greater heights than we could have imagined. May you find in this month’s issue useful tools to help you cultivate a life full of fearlessness and heart.Read More
“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” – Pablo Picasso I came across that quote by the world-renowned modern artist Pablo Picasso when I was in architecture school at the University of Waterloo. Surrounded at the time by type A students (myself included), Picasso’s words awoke in me the idea – the possibility – of freedom beyond the structures and control of a world driven by the ego and mind. We may feel we need to work hard to doRead More
When we are focused on our future and push to get ahead, or when we are stuck in our past, attached to our unresolved stories, we inevitably miss the richness of the present moment. We forget to pause and literally smell the roses that are in full bloom along our path as we rush to get to our next appointment. Feeling buried in bills, debts, children responsibilities, relationship and family tensions, health concerns, career stresses, we forget that life is about cherishing the gift of being alive, and enjoying itRead More
This old purple mat, ripped at the edges and stained with my sweet sweat, is my playpen. You see, though I am all “grown up”, I love to play. I like to play outside, in parks, on swing sets, and when I dance with friends. But most of all, I like to play at yoga. The studio is my playpen. That old sweaty mat is my wonderland. And this is your introduction to a whole new realm of yoga, where we step out of the rigidity and into that innerRead More
“And the look in his eye seemed to say to the sky, Now how to amuse them today.” (Christopher Robin, from A.A.Milne) These days there are TV ads entreating people to “bring back play”. Ruefully, I reflect that the culture has swung so far to “achievement” and “productivity” that it has become necessary to advertise us back into what is a natural state. Play is significant, particularly for a child’s mental development, although the present strategy is a push back from the increasing obesity in our population caused by inappropriateRead More
In art college I played with clay but played sports to stay healthy. In 1997 this led me to becoming a massage therapist. For 13 years I worked with the National Ballet. Dancers are the perfect marriage of artists and athletes. As a massage therapist I was fulfilled. But when my daughter was born, the world of mommies, babies and children opened up to me. Massage For Mommies was a business idea I had after a number of clients started bringing their children with them while they had a massage.Read More
I hope you are enjoying every moment of this amazing summer we are having so far. Yes, we indeed have had an abundance of rain and the benefit is everything is so very lush and green, almost tropical if you stretch your imagination a bit. The flowers are colourful and rich, even the bunnies seem to be out more frolicking in the green grass! Life is short. Everything you know can change in a breath. Embrace every moment, inhale every smell like it’s your last, hug a little tighter, lingerRead More
When Was the Last Time You Had Fun With Your Food? Gluten-free, veganism, dairy-free, vegetarianism, soy-free and the list goes on! I’m sure you’ve heard them all by now. The latest food fads, trends and holistic diets are being marketed in your face on the daily. With our ever growing conscious awareness of the correlation between what we put into our body and our state of health and how we feel, it’s no wonder why so many people these days are choosing an alternative way to healthy eating. The NewRead More