April 2014 – Shaking It Up Category

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. As this issue goes to print, I am aware that I am one of many who is ready for spring. Whether you feel snowed in by the seemingly interminable ice and cold, or whether you simply feel overdue for a shift in your life, change inevitably comes when you are willing to let go of the old and embrace the new. As I share in my wellness article this month, prayers are always answered, just not always the way we may thinkRead More
I recently read about the five stages of small business growth in the Harvard Business Review by Neil Churchill and Virginia. L. Lewis. The article discussed the evolutionary process of a small business. It illustrated how the growth of a business is characterized by studying its size and its maturity. There is a direct correlation between size and maturity. Ideally, as a business matures, so too it grows in size. Yet, we also need to consider two things: this may not be the goal for all small businesses, and weRead More
How does change happen? We often say we want change, when really we are afraid of change. Holding on for dear life to old patterns in our thoughts, in our cells, in our action, we find ourselves without the results we want and repeatedly back in similar situations. We blame circumstance, others, even God, for the events in our life and can easily get stuck in self-criticism. Try and try as we do, here we are again right back to where we don’t want to be! So what is goingRead More
A year ago, I was teaching a yoga class and something shifted in my hip. Nothing hurt at first, but after class, I could not put any weight on my right foot without excruciating pain shooting up my leg into my hip and back. Afterwards, I couldn’t walk for days and couldn’t practice asana for weeks. My ‘prescription’ was two-fold: one, to open up previously-ignored inner groin and inner thigh muscles, and two, to intensively strengthen my back and core to take the pressure off of my hips. My therapist-trainer toldRead More
When I used to teach a lot of dance, I ‘invented’ a technique of shaking all parts of the body in a rhythmic and progressive fashion that I called a “Shake-a-diddy”. Later I learned that this was part of the esoteric practices of the Yogas of Naropa. Then I learned that it was also part of Qigong. So much for the creation of anything new! Whether we are shaking up ourselves physically to get the kinks and poisons out or whether we are living in a situation that shakes thingsRead More
Three years ago around this time, a year before I produced my “YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub” album, I was flat on my back in bed, in agony, with a severe spinal injury. I was undergoing a deep spiritual transformation, one that required profound surrender and trust like I had never had before. From that injury, my whole world changed. In the fall of 2010, I travelled to the North Pole to give the northernmost musical performance ever, to help raise awareness of the melting polar ice. When I wasRead More
Shaking Up Your Breakfast Routine A lot of us are stuck in a rut with our breakfast routines. As a nutritionist, one of the biggest and most common mistakes I see people make is skipping breakfast . As cliché as it may be, breakfast really is one of, if not, the most important meal of the day. Breakfast means to literally “break the fast” and rev up the body’s metabolic rate. Passing on breakfast can make you irritable, less able to concentrate and focus and cause hormones to become unbalanced,Read More
My workouts since January 2013 have pretty much been Hot Power Yoga. No bootcamps, the odd run here and there, but I have been happy to hit my mat six or seven days a week and feel fulfilled. However, I have heard and read so much about Crossfit, I decided to explore it more intimately. Many say it’s a hardcore workout like no other. The sense of community and support they feel from the people in their “box” (a Crossfit term for the gym where the workouts are held) isRead More
I recently received a wiggle machine. That’s not its technical name.  It’s an “exercise machine” that looks like a giant step and vibrates your entire body when you stand on it.  My mother bought it for me after loving her own and, despite my husband’s hysterical laughter when I unveiled it (he calls it “exercise for lazy people”), I am excited about its benefits. Sure, it’s no 10K run and I certainly wouldn’t call it a workout, but the fact of the matter is that it increases circulation, which is moreRead More
In the late 1970s in Virginia, a woman named Machaelle Small Wright walked out into the woods by her vegetable garden and said, seemingly to no one, “I want to do at Perelandra what they did in Findhorn. I want to work with devas and I want to work with nature spirits. I invite all of you to make yourselves known to me. I am ready to learn from you.” What resulted from this invitation was a learning experience that challenged Machaelle’s understanding of form, of nature and of co-creation.Read More