February 2014 – Sobriety Category

Welcome to the February 2014 edition of Parvati  Magazine. Sobriety is a word we hear usually in relation to those suffering from substance abuse. Wikipedia describes sobriety as “the condition of not having any measurable levels of, or effects from, mood-altering drugs”. We think of addiction usually in terms of substances such as alcohol and drugs. But any habit we have that interferes with our quality of living may in fact be an addiction. If we do not know how to moderate, we may be a shop-aholic, work-aholic, rage-aholic, gossip-aholic,Read More
When we love a person who has an addiction, it is so very painful to see their struggles. Ultimately, we too need to admit that we are powerless over the addiction. We want to help. We see those we love in pain. We want to take that pain away. But we cannot make changes for anyone but ourselves. It is often hard enough to make changes for ourselves. We are powerless to make the changes for those we love. Often addicts find themselves close to people that enable. Enablers areRead More
Relapse, or the fear of relapse, is one of the most challenging aspects addicts face in maintaining recovery. Whether the individual has stopped drug or alcohol abuse, smoking, disordered eating or any number of harmful behaviours, the anxiety around starting up again is daunting. Following any type of recovery treatment or after one or more periods of abstinence, the stress around wanting to stay clean can sometimes drive the person back to their old habits. In some cases shame and guilt may even result in suicide attempts. It is importantRead More
Many Americans and Canadians support legalization of marijuana and many states already permit medicinal use. It seems that an end to the criminalization of weed would generate billions in tax revenue and relieve the criminal justice system. This is a business column and not a politics column, so I will not wade into the debate on decriminalization. I will say that as an individual, marijuana use is not something I choose to endorse, and as a business person, it is not something from which I would seek to profit. IRead More
What is Sobriety? There is one definition that many of us are all too familiar with: The abstinence from alcohol, drugs and any mood-altering substances.  Thus, the term “sobriety” is often thought of as the opposite of being “under the influence” of some form of mood and mind-altering substance. Wikipedia offers another definition of “sobriety”, as “the natural state of a human being given at birth”. From this perspective, true sobriety exists only when we are not “under the influence” of the world around us. True sobriety lives through theRead More
In spiritual development, it is difficult to talk about ‘sobriety’ without talking about its opposite. Ecstatic states have long been a part of religious and spiritual literature and traditions. The poetry of Rumi is full of images of ecstatic states that speak eloquently of his love for the Divine. The Whirling Dervish dances that he created are celebrations of an ecstatic joining of human with the divine. Even attending a performance by the Whirling Dervish Sufis can give you a taste of this mystical union. The Tantric literature of HinduismRead More
Viewers of “Intervention Canada” may recognize the beautiful Muskoka landscapes of the Greenestone residential addiction treatment centre, as it has been featured on that show on multiple occasions. Parvati Magazine spoke with physician William Jacyk, who is the Senior Clinical Consultant to the Greenestone clinic, responsible for program development and design, education of staff and residents and clinical mentoring and staff development. Parvati Magazine: What inspired you to train as an addiction physician? Dr. William Jacyk: I had some personal family experience growing up which was very negative, and IRead More
Sugar Addiction and Sobriety Often when we think of sobriety, alcohol is the first thing that comes to mind. But the reality is that we could apply the concept of sobriety to almost anything. Sobriety can pertain to the quality of refraining from excess and keeping within moderation of well, nearly any substance. With my background in nutrition and passion for helping people connect to their emotions in order to address root causes of illness, I think the concept of sobriety and food pairs perfectly together. We can become addictedRead More
By definition, sobriety can mean temperance or moderation, especially in the use of alcoholic beverages, or a seriousness, gravity, or solemnity towards a situation. Granted, most think of not being drunk when sobriety is mentioned. However, if we look at the idea of gravity or undue solemnity, there is no room for taking an overly heavy or serious approach to your fitness regime. Physical fitness, no matter what your mode of activity – yoga, running, dance, crossfit, etc. – is like making love to yourself. Every time you take timeRead More
I had my eczema flare up recently in a way that I haven’t seen in years. While I could say that it’s excess inflammation and high internal heat, that would be a cop-out. The fact of the matter is that lately I have lacked discipline: I have been lazy. Some say that “Beauty is pain” — but it’s not. Beauty, in my opinion, is discipline. To truly look our best, we must be aware of what we eat, when we sleep, how we move, and if our acts are in harmony with the environmentRead More