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Community: Hope and Fear in the City of Lights

Parvati Magazine spoke with numerous organizations planning to be present at COP21 in Paris about whether the attacks of November 13 influenced their plans in any way.Read More
Welcome to the December 2015 issue of Parvati Magazine. This month, we celebrate some highlights from recent Parvati Magazine issues, while also providing a current update on the leadup to COP21 in Paris. Enjoy these excellent articles by some of our fabulous contributors! Parvati Fill out your email address to download the PDF directly. Onword Thank you for reading the December 2015 edition of Parvati Magazine. T. S. Eliot wrote, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started andRead More
Training doesn’t always have to be structured and goal-oriented to yield results. We tend to get caught up in “getting the skill” or “getting a good workout,” and while those goals have their place, if we never take the time to explore movement without any specific goals in mind, we lose out on a sense of play and freedom. In this post, we’ll look at what play is, why we think it’s important for everyone to engage in, and we’ll give you 3 movements to try out. Unlike the structuredRead More
Parvati Magazine interviewed holistic nutritionist Sara Best of “If Your Body Could Talk”. Parvati Magazine: What inspired you to get into holistic nutrition? Sara Best: From a very young age I was aware of the power of food to affect our overall health. Then, in my 20s I struggled with a lot of chronic digestion issues that doctors were never able to help with. In an effort to heal myself, I read every book I could get my hands on about natural and holistic wellness and managed to dramatically improve myRead More
Inside Out movie image
By any standard, Disney Pixar bit off a hugely complex chunk of subject matter to convey in the film, Inside Out, written by Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley, as inspired from a story by Ronnie del Carmen and Pete Docter. The film was directed by Docter, whose previous directorial films include Monsters and Up. I sat in the darkened theatre alone, no sidekick under age ten making my presence more legit – and also on the plus side, no bathroom runs mid-film, or popcorn costing the same as a chestRead More
July 3, 4 and 5, 2015 marked the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary and Fare Thee Well concerts at Soldier Field, Chicago. The set of shows were an intimate goodbye jamboree for 70,000 fans each night with many more tuning in online through pay per view. Most may think that a venue of 70,000 people would be anything but intimate. That is one of the most endearing things about this band. Their identity as a musical group exists because of the interwoven tapestry of its fans, affectionately known as Dead Heads.Read More
In the coming months, this column in Parvati Magazine will feature articles and interviews from leading yoga teachers from around the world. Ella Isakov, Yoga Editor: It is fitting the first interview for the Yoga section be with my teacher Ron Reid. His insights and wisdom from over three decades of studying yoga philosophy, asana and meditation are rich in depth, but what I love most about Ron is his gentle nature, kind heart and pure humbleness. I am grateful to call him my teacher, and it is an honorRead More
There’s no escaping it: castor oil is making a comeback. Sure it’s been around for a long time, but for many, it’s just newly making waves on the online beauty scene (all that talk about castor oil cleansing!). Well, this uber-rich oil shouldn’t only be used as part of this skincare trend as it has many uses. For years, this oil has been used for a number of things from cleansing, liver detoxification, and eyelash thickening. Read on for seven ways you can use castor oil to beautify your skinRead More
Most of us have likely never contemplated the idea of thanking our socks or handbag when we get home from a long day’s work, but Japanese tidying consultant Marie Kondo suggests we do just that. If you think that’s a challenge, how about achieving a state with your belongings where you no longer have to do daily tidying? For someone with lifelong tendencies to accumulate clutter, the second statement seems even more magical than the first. But it is magic we’re talking about here. Marie Kondo’s strong and enthusiastic clientRead More
This month, Parvati Magazine interviewed Wendy Woods of The Refinery, a Toronto-based and online personal style coaching service. Parvati Magazine: What inspired you to start working as a fashion coach? Wendy Woods: I love helping people feel joy, especially women. There can be so much of it when we’re expressing our true selves to the world and yet style can be used easily as a shaming tool. I really want to change that perspective and help women step into their power. PMAG: How do you get a sense of appropriateRead More