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As we explored in my last YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine article, “Follow The Wave In Your Spine”, there is a natural wave-like impulse that flows through our spine. It exists within us all, at any given moment. It is the pulse of life itself. Due to the effect of gravity and the way we identify with our habits, we hold tension in our tissue, electrical and nervous systems. When newborn, our bodies/beings are highly receptive to growth. We breathe with life with greater co-creative fluidity. With age, we tendRead More
Compassion is born in our being when we rest in the knowing of our inherent oneness with all that is. It flowers as our ego dies and we are born into the reality of our eternal Self. It is a divine nectar that flows effortlessly when we are willing to let go of the stories that keep us feeling separate, important and ultimately alone. As your heart continues to bloom and you release the grip of your ego, here are some powerful thoughts I ask you to consider. Find aRead More
Anyone interested in the craft of pop music would do well to study the new album 1989 by Taylor Swift. Packed with melodic, lyrical and instrumental hooks that you cannot help but remember even after the first listen, this most recent effort is the hallmark of today’s pop market. 1989 brings the intentional craft of manufactured pop-hit production to the level of perfection. The album displays excellent songwriting structure where verses, pre-choruses and choruses flow into each other with a refined balance between expected anticipation and refreshing surprise. It hitsRead More
At the first class of a new restorative yoga session, one of my clients said, “I am so glad yoga is back on. I’ve been driving like a maniac!” Laughter, and the sound of snapping mats ensued as people got settled in for practice. “I don’t know what it is, but when I’m practicing yoga, other drivers don’t seem so bad. We are all just trying to get somewhere, you know?” Her comment is hilarious and profound to me. We all know that we get lighter and calmer through practice,Read More
In relation to the concepts of sustainability, green earth, preserving our resources and caring about our earth, here is ONE simple thing you can do that will cut your food budget as well as limit your level of food waste. Make your own broth! Just think about it, when you buy broth, you are buying something pre-packaged that has been sitting in a box for an unknown length of time, with ingredients that you may not know of and can’t verify. It also generates waste. Making your own broth isRead More

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Community: Charter for Compassion

In 2008, a TED talk by a former nun turned bestselling author and interfaith commentator led to the development of the Charter for Compassion. Karen Armstrong came to prominence for her 1993 book “A History of God” and then greater prominence following the events of September 11, 2001, when she began to be called on to speak about the commonalities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Raised Catholic, she no longer identifies with any one religion, but takes interest in the common thread of compassion between all religions. In the 2008Read More
I was listening to Canada’s CBC Radio One recently as the host interviewed an Israeli professor of anthropology who had written a book about man’s evolution through the ages. His theory on humans’ quality of life through the ages stood out to me. He suggested that the hunter and gatherer era likely had the highest quality of life for man, as our needs and our stresses were fewer. Our bodies were performing actions that were natural to our physiological makeup. We had a connection to nature, a relationship which hasRead More
Many of us aspire to live a life with more compassion. It may inspire us to volunteer in soup kitchens, to eat less meat (or even go vegan), or just to try to be more patient and loving with the people around us. Yet, somehow, our best intentions fall away in the moment and we find ourselves frustrated, despairing, furious, contemptuous, impatient, or any of a hundred other things besides compassion with the people or situations we face. This is especially true in the way we relate to ourselves –Read More
Move over, Starbucks. Here comes Yogananda! Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Saint the LA Times calls “the first superstar guru of the 20th century,” came to the United States with a message and a unique – and caffeine-free – formula for staying awake. The jolt of energy you’ll get from this film, however, might not wear off… ever! This epic motion picture, entitled “Awake: The Life of Yogananda,” was filmed in pseudo-documentary fashion and is based on the best selling book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” – the most popular spiritual autobiographyRead More
I have been involved in a variety of fitness passions, on and off, in one form or another for over 48 years. I started ballet at the tender age of 3. Then discovered tap and jazz a couple years later. Once I hit the school system I was a huge fan of floor hockey and track and field. The excitement of tournaments, the suspense of game outcomes, was a rush. Feeling part of a team, where I made a difference was a big part of it. The sense of belongingRead More