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Shauna Niequist is a wife, mother, blogger, author, Christian, and workaholic. Present over Perfect is her fifth novel and in it she details how her desire to keep those around her happy lead to her own breakdown and breakthrough. She shares example after example of how she felt burnt out, disconnected, and unable to be the kind of mother, wife, friend, and ultimately Christian she wanted to be because she was too busy meeting (and likely exceeding) the expectations of everyone around her. She speaks of the stress and anxietyRead More
As we explored in my last YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine article, “Follow The Wave In Your Spine”, there is a natural wave-like impulse that flows through our spine. It exists within us all, at any given moment. It is the pulse of life itself. Due to the effect of gravity and the way we identify with our habits, we hold tension in our tissue, electrical and nervous systems. When newborn, our bodies/beings are highly receptive to growth. We breathe with life with greater co-creative fluidity. With age, we tendRead More
Nourish Skin Range is an award winning organic skin care company based in the United Kingdom. Their whole range is vegan and cruelty-free, biodegradable, and made of ethically sourced ingredients. All products are developed and made in their certified organic factory in London. We interviewed their co-founder, Dr. Pauline Hili. PMAG: A trademark feature in your products are bio-active ingredients. Can you tell us how they are beneficial? Dr. Pauline Hili, Nourish: At Nourish we believe that ‘Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin’. By understanding the natural metabolic processes of theRead More
In the middle of December as snow abounds, why not bring a taste of Mexico to the table to remind you of a warmer destination? Guacamole was first created by the Aztecs, later adopted by Mexicans, and now enjoyed by all! This savoury appy can be served with traditional tortilla chips, crackers, pretzels, raw assorted vegetables or trendy kale chips. Whatever your passion! Although the core to this recipe remains the same you can modify it in many ways by adding cilantro, hot sauce, basil and/or cayenne – to nameRead More
Parvati Magazine interviewed Lindy Weilgart, Scientific Advisor for the International Ocean Noise Coalition, about her research into underwater sound. PARVATI MAGAZINE: As briefly as possible, please describe what the underwater acoustical environment is like to those of us who have no familiarity with this field of study. LINDY WEILGART: The acoustic underwater soundscape is composed of natural sounds like surf noise, wave noise, snapping shrimp, whales, fish grunts, etc. Since the industrial age, however, the noise of shipping, seismic surveys to search for oil and gas under the sea floor,Read More
It was tricky for me to choose a movie to review this month. I wanted to mix it up a bit for you, the reader, but I also wanted to watch something I would enjoy as a viewer. So, I pored over IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings and a number of reviews before ultimately selecting The Accountant. The basic premise of the movie is that the accountant, Christian Wolff, played by the stoic Ben Affleck, is an autistic savant. He’s brilliant at math and puzzles, but has trouble socializing andRead More

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Fitness: Holistic Training, with Julie Rammal

Image credit: Fit n’ Style When I was 18 I used to love to dance, but was with a boyfriend who did not accept it. To escape the domestic violent relationship I turned to fitness. I used to work out in the gym and watch everyone exercise, and learn as much as I could from observation. After spending numerous hours in the gym, I decided to get into the fitness industry and started taking online courses then finally travelled abroad to California and completed my Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, TRXRead More
Recently I was with Parvati at BBC Radio 2 to promote the upcoming MAPS concert to protect the Arctic Ocean. While we were there, we met with Robbie Williams who was there promoting his new record The Heavy Entertainment Show. Apart from his massive singles, I must admit I have never listened to Robbie Williams’s albums. Curious about his repertoire and why he has sold over 75,000,000 records – earning him the title of one of the biggest selling artists of all time – I thought it was time thatRead More
I have come to understand that everything in my life is grace, whether I see it or not in the moment. This includes even the extraordinarily painful assaults that I have experienced. They have asked me to look within and clean up the basement of my psyche. They pushed me to my very limit and played their part in helping me see and become a fuller, more complete expression of who I truly am. Everything that we think, feel, say, do and experience, within that whole, is an expression ofRead More
This month Parvati Magazine spoke with Christine Fløysand, Founder and CEO of By Nature, a non-profit corporation established to showcase Norwegian technology, entrepreneurs and companies helping the world become greener and more sustainable. The By Nature brand will feature Norwegian companies in sectors as diverse as bio energy, sustainable transportation, water, solar, heating and cooling, and climate adaptation. Parvati Magazine: What or who inspired you to start By Nature? Why now? Christine Fløysand: Norway is transitioning away from oil and gas dependency towards a green economy. However, the slow paceRead More