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Happy New Year! Welcome to our first Parvati Magazine issue in 2016! As you turn your attention towards the year ahead, you may have heartfelt dreams and intentions for what this year could bring. Perhaps lists are already made full of your New Year’s resolutions and you begin with high hopes that this year will be better than the last. As you take your first steps in this new year, you need to feel confident in the wisdom of your goals and in your ability to remain true to theRead More
I was recently reading about how to inspire people to recognize and take action on climate change. One article raised some excellent points about human nature, and why we respond to certain prompts and not to others. This inspired me to consider the take-aways for businesses when it comes to working with human nature. Here are five strategies to help you meet the challenges of starting and running a successful business that is ecologically responsible. Get past denial. Few newlyweds think they have a 50% chance of divorcing, but thoseRead More

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Music: The Music of 2015, by Rishi Deva

I was at the gym the other day and had a conversation with a 92-year-old man. He still drives himself to the gym every day. He had some wise words for me. Actually, they are wise for all of us. I asked, “Ray, what is the secret to a long and healthy life?” He replied, “Music and humour.” In honour of that wisdom, let’s recap the top tracks of 2015. Despite a most chaotic year with incredible acts of horror, disregard for life and Nature continuing to break records ofRead More
After she was named the flag-bearer for the opening ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and faced an intense media scrum, Canadian cyclist and speed skater Clara Hughes was stressed. Then she opened her email, and found an invitation to a “brushing-off” ceremony. While other Olympic competitors went deep into their own sport bubbles, Clara travelled to a Squamish First Nations reserve and took in a ceremony of chanting, candles and more. An elder said to all present, “I cannot heal you of your pain. Only you can healRead More

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Film: Room, by Pranada Devi

  For a film to take as its starting point the years-long forced confinement and rape of a young woman and make it beautiful without disconnecting or becoming saccharine, is a tall order. By some accounts, the likely Oscar nominee Room manages. But not everyone agrees. The premise of the story is that five-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay), born to his mother as the result of ongoing rapes by her captor, has lived his entire life in a twelve-foot-by-twelve-foot room (a heavily reinforced and soundproofed garden shed) and has no ideaRead More
The following are anecdotes from a recent conversation with Dr. Bernie Siegel about healing.Read More
Special occasions – New Year’s parties, birthdays, weddings, other celebrations – can be pitfalls for anyone trying to reduce their sugar intake. It is all too easy to say “well, just this once – it’s a special occasion” and take in something we know will not make us feel good. For those who have sugar addictions, it can be a slippery slope where we start finding excuses to splurge on less and less “special” occasions until we find ourselves back to regularly consuming sugar. This dessert will help you satisfyRead More
It is the New Year. The year ahead feels like a clean, clear slate, full of possibilities. You may have a list of things you would like to see happen in the coming months. You may feel open, ready and willing to grow. Yet, high hopes can soon feel dashed when you meet naysayers in the world around you or internal limiting beliefs that say you can’t be truly happy. Of these two, your internal chatter is most like Superman’s Kryptonite. People’s negative comments only have power if you believeRead More
One of the more introverted yoga poses, the forward bending Crab pose, is a welcome relief at the end of a busy day of “doing”. It moves your awareness away from the external and helps you cultivate greater internal wisdom. Read More
The Upanishads refer to the spiritual path as the kshurasya dhara, the razor’s edge. It is a potent path, yet one that can be easy to stray from without realizing it, and hard to stay on. The wisdom of a realized master is invaluable for those who seek to undertake this journey. I feel very blessed by the Grace of a satguru in my life. They say the teacher comes when the student is ready. I stumbled upon and met Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in Kerala, South India in 1993 whenRead More