November 2016 – Life Force Category

The other day, as I was quietly enjoying my walk to the gym where I work out, my husband noticed a brawl that was taking place in the park up ahead. A group surrounded someone who was being beaten up. As soon as I noticed this, an energy arose through me that led to me running at top speed down two blocks, right into the center of the fight consisting of five men and one woman. A fierce presence, like a karate cry, arose through me as I commanded everyoneRead More
Parvati Magazine interviewed Louie Psihoyos, Executive Director of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), and discussed using mass media to inspire change.   Parvati Magazine: What is OPS and why did you found it? Louie Psihoyos: OPS was founded as an organization using mass media to inspire change. To create a tipping point, you only need about 10% of the population, the early adopters, the politicians, the people who really sway change. People are paying attention to films rather than print media and I saw documentaries are a way to change theRead More
When the last sounds of their most successful single “Ahead By A Century”, the final encore of the final show of the Tragically Hip, died away at their nationally televised concert in Kingston, Canada, this past August, fans of this quintessentially Canadian band thought it might be the last they would see and hear of the Hip’s frontman Gord Downie. In May of this year, Downie announced that he had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. But this fall, he revealed that he had more to say as an artist,Read More
The tangy bite of Dijon mustard marries with the bursting flavour of fresh herbs on this vibrant, crunchy salad. Make a small dice of: 1/2 English cucumber 1 medium red pepper 1 dozen sugar snap peas 2 small carrots 1 small beet Make a chiffonade of spinach by stacking and tightly rolling a dozen large spinach leaves with the stems removed, then slicing the roll in 1/4 inch sections. This produces long strands of the leaves. If you prefer, you could also simply tear the leaves into small pieces toRead More
Many scholars predicted that brain research would prove conclusively that consciousness is a product of the physical brain. It is ironic, however, that as we learn more about the brain, we discover that the local brain cannot account for the nonlocal ways in which consciousness manifests. Why isn’t a brain-based approach to consciousness sufficient? How does nonlocal consciousness manifest? Human consciousness is fundamentally nonlocal—not localized or confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, nor to specific points in time, such as the present. A mind thatRead More
There used to be a time in my life where I wouldn’t be caught dead in a second hand store. Growing up in a medium sized town, it simply never occurred to me that shopping second hand was a cool way of helping the environment. Fast-forward to 2016 and I can’t think of a better place to buy clothes. My love affair started with a second hand clothing store called The Kind Exchange. There are a few locations in Toronto, where I live. They will actually pay you for clothingRead More
Parvati Magazine spoke with Mel Wilson, PhD, Partner and National Leader, Sustainable Business Solutions at PwC Canada,  to ask him about his work helping organizations manage their environmental and sustainability performance. Parvati Magazine: How does corporate sustainability relate to corporate responsibility and why does sustainability matter? Mel Wilson: I would argue corporate sustainability is a subset of corporate responsibility. Corporate responsibility deals with the big question, “If a company is a legal entity, what are its ethical obligations?” This question covers a wide array of ethical obligations: obligations to shareholders,Read More
Kwe: Standing with our Sisters is not an easy read, since the issue of missing and murdered Indigeous women in Canada is not an easy topic. Most of us cannot comprehend the depth and layers that contribute to this issue. We may not even want to know. The alarming number of Indigenous women affected by violence is a concept that does not fit into our self-identity as a nation and can be too uncomfortable to have to consider. For a long time even the government seemed resigned to do nothingRead More
This month, we spoke to Nova Scotia Fisherman. Based in Canada, it is a family company producing natural body care products. Not only are all products 100% natural featuring sea kelp, the company supports environmental and local community initiatives. Parvati Magazine: NSF started off making organic soya candles before transitioning to body care products. How did this come about? Tassi Sewell: The owners of Kiss My Face Cosmetics, Bob Macleod and Steve Byckewicz, have always had a close connection to the Maritimes. Bob, originally from New Brunswick, wanted to bringRead More
I am making room for the unstoppable force. It is not an idea, a vision born of my mind, for that is made of thoughts which are temporal and passing. It is not a passion that churns in my heart, nor a voice that yearns to be heard as it echoes through time. It is not an itch that only wants to be scratched, nor a restless desire that seeks to be fulfilled. It is no longing that swells in my soul as I hope and dream, nor a callRead More