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Parvati Magazine December 2018 - Sanctuary - cover
“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell Welcome to the December 2018 issue of Parvati Magazine. As the sun moves further away from the Earth and the days grow shorter, we are living in a dark time in more ways than one. There is an undoubtable prevalence of global suffering, as in the increase in radical groups that seek to kill and destroy—but also in the polarized and reactive nature of our society in general. Yet amidst the storm, there is aRead More
John McGrath, high performance coach, Africa's Last Strongman

Posted On November 18, 2018By Parvati MagazineIn December 2018 - Sanctuary, Fitness, Wellness

Cultivating High-Performance Capacity

The mind is the athlete, the body is the tool. The body can do an awful lot more but it’s the mind that is limited. Over time, the difficulty of things doesn’t change that much. What changes is our perception: if we can do it or not. So that is why you work on the mind first - once you get that right, anything is possible.Read More
Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, musical romance
Amy Kellestine Reviews “A Star is Born” The latest “A Star is Born” is a fresh take on a well-worn and well-loved story. Originally on the big screen in the 30s, and again in the 50s and 70s, the concept won an Oscar when it debuted. This version, written, directed, and led on screen by Bradley Cooper, had some shining moments but was ultimately problematic for me. In this version, veteran frontman Jackson Maine (Cooper) is a superstar on the stage, but struggles with addiction. One night, while on aRead More
Earth ethics, sustainable future
United Earth is bringing people and nations together - shaping a sustainable future for our planet. Founded by Claes Nobel, grand-nephew of Nobel Prize creator Dr. Alfred Nobel, the not-for-profit organization is galvanizing worldwide environmental and humanitarian efforts. We are inspired this month as Marcus Nobel, Executive Director and President of United Earth, shares the NGO’s vision to empower and revitalize the world through societal and environmental healing.Read More
prajna, yoga of the subtle body, subtle body, interconnection, interdependency
Weaving together Eastern and Western philosophies, Tias Little connects his mindful yoga teachings to the depths of the subtle body and the Earth. This month we spoke with Tias about his support for Yogis Unite, and Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary – sharing why he believes yogis must come together in support of “the global body”, for planetary healing. Parvati Magazine: Your unique approach enables students to embrace a greater level of mindfulness and prajna (deep understanding). How does yoga inform your view of the world? Tias Little: The work thatRead More
kino macgregor, ashtanga yoga, omstars, yogatv, yoga as healing spiritual healing
Ashtanga Yoga expert Kino MacGregor shares her thoughts on spiritual strength. Kino MacGregor travels worldwide to share her love of yoga as a healing modality and a sanctuary to get through difficult times. She is honest, courageous and knowledgeable. Yoga editor Ella Isakov speaks to Kino about how yoga helps with depression and suffering, leading to inner freedom. Parvati Magazine: In twenty years of practicing and teaching yoga, what has been its most profound effect on you? Kino MacGregor: The practice of yoga has led me to more peace andRead More
green carpet challenge, green fashion, econyl, aquafil
Learn about the Eco-Age team’s empowering initiatives, including the Green Carpet Challenge, and their recent collaboration with Aquafil. With strategic initiatives dedicated to driving positive, compassionate change within the clothing industry, Eco-Age is bringing sustainability to the forefront of fashion. We spoke to them this month about their latest innovative collaboration, and how they are turning ocean waste into something beautiful. Parvati Magazine: Your creative director, Livia Firth, works tirelessly to bring awareness to the fashion industry’s environmental damage, and human rights violations – particularly the garment industry’s detrimental impactRead More
Winter solstice meditation, Parvati Devi, meditation, MAPS
Within the darkness, Nature moves quietly towards spring. The winter solstice reflects the second stage of a cycle that began with the fall equinox.Read More
carbon neutrality, circular business, circular economy, business innovation
Schneider Electric is leading a new world of technological transformation. Its energy efficient systems, software, and services are reshaping industries and mobilizing sustainable living. This month, Senior Vice President of Safety, Environment, and Real Estate, Xavier Houot, describes the company’s commitment to decarbonization, all while delivering enhanced reliable and efficient energy management and automation. Schneider Electric’s innovative, carbon-neutral solutions are making a planet-friendly future possible. Parvati Magazine: Schneider Electric is a world leader in energy efficiency and sustainability. Why have you declared the ambitious goal of achieving supply chain-wide carbonRead More
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It’s not hard to see why stars like Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde have fallen for Josh Rosebrook’s luxuriant, all-natural line of skin and hair treatment. Read More