August 2018 – Empathy Category

Formerly Known as Food
In “Formerly Known As Food: How the Industrial Food System Is Changing Our Minds, Bodies and Culture”, Kristin Lawless provides an eye-opening look at just how much trouble our health and our environment is in as a result of our current approach to food. This book is designed to educate readers based on current science and facts and inspire you to take action—and it meets both of those goals exceptionally well. Lawless starts by detailing just how processed our food really is. Just about everything we buy in a packageRead More
Yoga’s gift to us is the way we can embody, here and now, an experience of bliss and unity. It reminds us that our way to joy happens within the body, a magnificent and multidimensional vehicle that connects us with all things. In our busy days and agitated world, it can be easy to lose our sense of ground. Agitation can tend to draw us up and out of our bodies, out of the present moment. So this month’s YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine practice offers a simple way toRead More
Compassion more powerful than pity
As we evolve spiritually, we cannot help but feel moved by the suffering we see in the world. The impulse to help alleviate it is a natural reflection of our inherent humanity. Our spiritual practice often gives rise to a greater sense of how connected we are, and as such, that our compassionate actions can serve the world. We must remember, however, that compassion is a sophisticated state of being. It has what the Buddhists term a “near enemy” in pity, which is very different from compassion. Along the roadRead More
Fit Bottomed Girls
Fit Bottomed Girls is fitness with a difference—that begins with the tagline “You can’t hate yourself healthy.” Co-founder Jennipher Walters is an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach, who writes and edits content for the Fit Bottomed Girls site. She has been joined by Kristen Seymour who became co-owner of the brand and Editor-in-Chief of Fit Bottomed Eats. Now, the two have expanded the body-positive brand with Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats, Fit Bottomed Zen, a book, a podcast, and more potential live events in the future. Parvati Magazine:Read More
Sustainable Fashion Awards-Jeanne Beker-Joy Elkayeam-Sola Desgagne
Each month, Parvati Magazine features designers who lead the frontier of fashion—created sustainably and consciously throughout the production cycle. This month, that work led me to Canada’s Sustainable Fashion Awards. This annual event is organized by Fashion Takes Action (FTA), a Canadian not-for-profit founded in 2007 to support the sustainable fashion industry on an international scale. FTA members who applied for consideration in this year’s awards were evaluated by a jury based on their sustainability practices, design, and business prowess. The jury chose three finalists, the winner of whom wouldRead More
International Marine Mammal Project - MMP
In 2002 the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) made waves when they rescued Keiko, the orca, seen in the movie Free Willy. This month Parvati Magazine spoke with Mark Palmer, Associate Director of IMMP, about their accomplishments and how to make a difference in marine protection. Parvati Magazine: Tell us about International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP). Mark Palmer: IMMP is one of the oldest projects under the banner of Earth Island Institute (EII). It works to protect whales and dolphins around the world and their ocean habitats. IMMP actively opposesRead More
Sally Ranney-AREDAY-Renewable Energy Summit-Sustainability
In the astonishingly picturesque mountain village of Snowmass, Colorado, a five-day summit takes place every year that’s been called the “Davos of Clean and Renewable Energy”. The AREDAY summit is a program of the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI). It provides a platform for high level cross-sector networking that results in investments, collaborations, strategic alliances and new initiatives. AREDAY brings together over 100 cross-sector speakers and includes a film festival, concert, electric vehicle show and environmental expo. And in June 2018, was a part of it. On the summerRead More
Koolulam - Michal Shahaf-Shneiderman
When Or Taicher encountered a Facebook video of a mass prayer at the wailing wall, he was inspired to act. Joining with musical conductor Ben Yaffet and entrepreneur Michal Shahaf Shneiderman, the three set out to establish Koolulam, a social musical initiative that creates mass-singing events, for everybody and anybody. The result—including covers of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”, Sia’s “Titanium”, and Matisyahu’s “One Day” that became viral videos—is truly remarkable. Parvati Magazine: How would you describe Koolulam to our readers? Who are the core members? How did it get started? MichalRead More