June/July 2018 – Creativity Category

Dr. Chelsea Jackson is actively working to make Western yoga more inclusive and reach marginalized communities. Parvati Magazine’s Yoga Editor, Ella Isakov, speaks to Chelsea about yoga as a tool for social change. Chelsea Jackson: My ideas become reality because I am rooted in a knowing that I am a continuation of work that started way before I arrived.Read More
Sea Turtles Turtle Island Restoration Network
Wildlife activist and biologist Todd Steiner founded Turtle Island Restoration Network in 1987 to protect marine species and promote ocean health. We spoke with him about why marine protection is essential for a healthy planet. Parvati Magazine: Tell us about Turtle Island Restoration Network! What inspired you to start advocating for marine species and dedicate your life to protecting sea turtles? Todd Steiner: Turtle Island Restoration Network believes the wellbeing of marine species, including sea turtles and salmon, is linked to the wellbeing and future of all life on Earth.Read More
Dr Gbujie Daniel Chidubem Team 54 Project
Climate change and the effects of the melting polar ice are poised to affect some parts of the world more immediately than others. The 54 countries of the African continent are especially vulnerable—a fact that has inspired Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem to create the Team 54 Project initiative and connect with partners around the world. He is a Climate Reality Ambassador personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore, and a MAPS Ambassador for Parvati.org in Nigeria. We spoke with him about his inspiration and passion for climate action.Read More
Parvati Magazine interviewed Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD, about her book “Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life”, co-authored with the late Louise Hay. Parvati Magazine interviewed Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD, about her book “Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life”, co-authored with the late Louise Hay. Parvati Magazine: Please tell us about your book. Mona Lisa Schulz: The book is about the five basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, love and joy; and about cognitive areas: attention, memory and learning as well as intuition. It is about all thatRead More
The technology giant Dell recently made a splash in the fashion world by collaborating with Nikki Reed, actress and activist, to launch the The Circular Collection, jewelry made with gold responsibly extracted from technology recovered through the Dell US recycling program. Parvati Magazine’s Business Editor, Pam Bryan, spoke with Trisa Thompson, Senior Vice President and Chief Responsibility Officer at Dell Inc. to learn more about the tech giant’s Legacy of Good sustainability programs. Parvati Magazine: What is the Dell Legacy of Good Plan and why is it so important toRead More
Trust Frequency Second Assumption Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey
The First Assumption creates a major paradox by saying “There is only Love.” What about all those things we consider not to be love? The Second Assumption resolves the paradox by clarifying the unconditional nature of the Love that creates and drives all things. Read More
Book Review-Dr. Qing Li Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese, is essentially the act of being in the presence of trees. The therapeutic qualities of forests have been lauded as both a cure-all and a preventative measure in Japan since the 1980’s and “Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness” offers Westerners insights into both the science and benefits of this free treatment. Dr. Qing Li is one of the world’s leading experts in forest bathing and has been studying the effects of environmental chemicals, stress and lifestyle on immuneRead More
Hey Ocean!
Canadian indie-pop sensation Hey Ocean! is back from a several-year hiatus of solo albums to release a new album entitled “The Hurt of Happiness”. Parvati Magazine sat down with lead guitarist David Beckingham to discuss the album, the ocean, and the power of giving back to the community. PMAG: What was the inspiration for Hey Ocean!’s name, and what is your take on the state of the oceans these days and the way humans are treating it? DB: Hey Ocean! got its name on the beaches of Costa Rica whenRead More
Meditation-Parvati-Listen to the sounds
I have been hibernating this past winter in my music studio, but have been far from asleep. Instead, I have been sparking with immense creativity to compose five upcoming albums in support of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Feeling as though I was holding a thread of an inspired download, I felt honoured to listen to the unseen as sounds were making themselves audible for me to render into form. I felt immersed in a creative sea. At the same time, I strongly felt the presence of the greatRead More
In a climate of changing gender roles and social mores, young people face new challenges as they grow up. Dr. Warren Farrell, heralded by the Financial Times as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders, says there’s a crisis today for boys all over the world who are not getting the guidance or support they need. Parvati Magazine: What is the Boy Crisis? Dr. Warren Farrell: The boy crisis is a global crisis—in education, in mental health (depression, drugs, suicide, shootings); physical health (sperm counts, IQs, obesity, diabetes); inRead More