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Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen, heart centered yoga, yoga lifestyle, Aruba yoga retreat
Rachel Brathen, also known as Yoga Girl, inspires others to see that we are more similar than different. We all want the same things: peace, healing and connection. Read More
Yogis Unite MAPS, Yogis Unite, Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary
I am so inspired by what I’m about to share in this column, that I have given my life’s work to it. It is such a magnificent embodiment of the meaning of yoga, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you will be a part of it too. As you may know, the word Yoga literally means to yoke, to join, a union or a coming together. There are hundreds of millions of us practicing yoga worldwide. Imagine what would happen if we came together for oneRead More
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In 2009, WILD Foundation declared Nature Needs Half (NNH) to conserve half of all land and sea by 2050. NNH recently allied with and included MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary into their strategy. This month, we spoke to Vance Martin, President, and Amy Lewis, Vice President of Communications & Development of WILD Foundation about this invaluable project. Parvati Magazine: Conserving half of Nature might sound bold to some, but your website points out that many voices have called for this for decades. What was the tipping point toRead More
Alan Walker alone, Alan Walker faded, Allan Walker Interview, Asia Pop 40, Dom Lau
Meet 20-year-old music sensation, DJ, and producer Alan Walker. Alan was still in high school when his song “Faded” took the world by storm. His hits have generated almost 4.5 billion views on YouTube and hundreds of millions of Spotify plays. Asia Pop 40’s host Dom Lau sat down with Alan to discuss his single “Alone” and the comfort his music brings to people. Dom Lau: “Alone” is a great tune! I really enjoyed the video as well, but we’ll get to that in a second. Can you tell usRead More
MAPS, Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary
From the mountains of Colorado to the tropical hills of Fiji, the message of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is travelling around the world. In July,’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Darcy Belanger, represented MAPS at the Climate Action Pacific Partnership Conference (CAPP) in Suva, Fiji. Tropical small island nations, recognizing the urgency of protecting the melting polar ice in order to safeguard their homes, have been leaders in championing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Samoa was the first nation to sign the MAPS Treaty. James Michel, former presidentRead More
humpback whales, humpback whale song, humpback whale behaviour, humpback whale altruism, harmony
My jaw dropped recently when I found out all humpback whales, in a given region, sing the same song. The song evolves over time, but it evolves for all of the whales at the same time. Though each may sing a different part in the moment, all give voice to one collection of sounds like an oceanic choir. Being part of several choirs as of a young age and into adulthood, I was always touched by the transcendent feeling of being part of a much greater body than my ownRead More
Purvi Doshi, sustainable fashion, khadi, ahimsa, ethical clothing
At Purvi Doshi, social responsibility and eco-consciousness are not merely embraced, but woven into each creation. With each handcrafted piece, Purvi seeks to eliminate the discrepancy between fashion and ethics, and fosters opportunities for artisans. This month Purvi Doshi takes Parvati Magazine on a journey through her label’s sustainable practices and how they align with her ethos of living in harmony with the earth. Parvati Magazine: Describe the look and style of Purvi Doshi. Purvi Doshi: Contemporary yet classy and artful. Traditional yet classic, timeless fashion. Formal to casual—conscious luxury.Read More
Warren's Water Printing, green printing, waterless printing, industrial water use
Green printing used to mean your printer just used recycled paper for your business cards or brochures. Eco-savvy printers are now taking it much further—as we learned this month when we spoke with Glen Warren, Vice President at Warren’s Waterless printing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Parvati Magazine: What is waterless printing and why is it good for the environment? Glen Warren: Waterless printing is a method of offset printing that completely eliminates the use of both water and chemical dampening solutions. Conventional offset printing is based on the chemical propertiesRead More
Follow Your Heart, vegan ranch dressing,, vegan mayo, dairy alternatives
Being plant-based does not have to mean missing out on classic comfort foods, and Follow Your Heart is here to prove that. What once was a vegan fad has turned into a movement, appealing to meat-eaters and herbivores alike. This month, plant-based pioneer Follow Your Heart talks to Parvati Magazine about the benefits—personal and planetary—of choosing their products. Bringing an innovative selection of delicious dairy-free alternatives to the market, Follow Your Heart fosters enthusiasm for a more plant-based future. Parvati Magazine: Follow Your Heart provides vegan substitutes for popular dairyRead More
Parvati Magazine September 2018: Amplification
Welcome to the September 2018 issue of Parvati Magazine. One of the most important mentors I had in my early years was my maternal grandmother. She taught me about life, spirituality and being naturally myself. A significant teaching of hers was that each of us has two inner channels we can tune into: one that leads to suffering for all, and the other to greater love and service. Which channel we listen to and amplify is entirely up to us. This month, we unveil a new regular column called YogisRead More