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As this issue of the magazine goes to press, it is Labour Day weekend and the summer’s heat continues. But the nights have been getting cooler, and the last summery long weekend of 2012 will soon be in the past. Many people have been fitting in their last summer vacation days before school and work begin again in earnest. As for the editorial staff of Parvati Magazine, our editor-in-chief Parvati has left for the second phase of her North American tour, along with her agent (and our music columnist) Rishi.Read More
This month, Parvati Magazine contributor Sunanda Jordon is visiting the Amritapuri ashram in Kerala, India, the headquarters of the Mata Amritanandamayi mission. This is her first visit to India, and she made the journey as part of her own quest for awakening. The following is excerpted from her first letter home. The day after I arrived, I pretty much slept the whole day. Not only was I extremely tired, I also felt like I wanted to hide, not ready to face this big experience just yet. I was worried thatRead More
Acceptance is one of those words that is often misunderstood, even secretly feared. We may think of acceptance, like surrender, as throwing in the towel and becoming powerlessly subject to the will of something other than ourselves. Thinking of acceptance like this is to divide ourselves from the Divine, to see ourselves as separate from the universe in which we live. When we see acceptance as an expression of powerlessness, we are identified with our ego and feel that we are in control of it all. If we were toRead More
Recently I was asked when compromise and acceptance are part of spiritual growth, versus letting yourself get walked all over. Acceptance is a powerful place. In fact, true change only begins once acceptance occurs. If we want change, we must soberly look at what is and accept it, which means not trying to push our will into trying to change the way things are to suit our needs. To accept is to be in non-resistance to what is. Acceptance is active in a non-forceful way. It is dynamic in aRead More
Vacation can be a way for us to press the reset button on our harried lives. It can be an opportunity to step back from our day-to-day habits and gain some perspective that then helps us make changes when we return to the world. The root of the word vacation is the same as that of the verb “vacate”, to move out of something and make it empty. When we vacate, even for a short period, the place we had been occupying in the world, we can decide to re-occupyRead More
Recently, I was asked if it was appropriate to take courses and go travelling, or be “rational” and keep paying the bills. Being rational is an impediment to the spiritual path when it squelches joy and stops us from expanding and evolving. Joy is expansive. Joy amplifies evolution, as evolution in its very nature is in alignment with the fundamental vibration of the universe, which is love. Joy is one of the things we bring when we pass from this Earth. When our body disintegrates and all matter that weRead More
We are moving into the season of warmth and light, which brings with it outdoor activities, time in the sun, soon-to-be holidays and a general light-hearted mood. The way light bounces through the leaves as they dance in the wind, or the way the sun sparkles on water, or is reflected in someone’s gaze, never ceases to inspire in me the feeling of interconnection with each other, the planet and the universe as a whole. For this reason, this month’s issue is all about light, both the luminosity we haveRead More
Having a light-hearted attitude towards ourselves and life in general brings a sweetness and joy to our daily experiences. When we face things we don’t like, we may tend to push rather than ease off the pedal and open to possibility. Keeping it light not only helps us stay buoyant amidst the roller coaster ride of life, but also helps us feel happier, see more options in the moment and have more choice in a fast pace world. Recently I was asked how even the things we don’t like aboutRead More
Spring may be one of the most inspired seasons of the year. Life is literally bursting forth, which is a welcome relief for many, after winter’s deep freeze and state of dormancy. Being a part of nature, at springtime we can feel this vibrancy in our bones. A vitality emerges from within that says, “I am here! Let’s go!” In this period of new life emerging, we have an opportunity to welcome more fully life’s abundance, as we practice seeing our self flower into the fullness of who we are.Read More
If we could be a bit more like the trees, rivers, butterflies and flowers, we might find ourselves a lot healthier, happier and wise. And what better time to feel inspired to surrender to and be part of such immensity than during the bursting power of life now upon us this spring? Do yourself a favor and go say hello to the budding trees. Notice how they do not struggle to be, but are in a rapturous state of deep surrender. Rooted in the rich Earth, trunks strong, growing upRead More