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Every day, as soon as I wake up, I wash up and head downstairs to my cushion to start my day from a centered place. When I arrived at my meditation seat the other day, all I could feel was my pounding head. I had not had enough sleep, and woke up with a headache. For most of us, our knee-jerk reaction to pain is to either try to push it away with denial, medication or temporary pleasures, or run towards it by projecting judgment or anger at it, asRead More
Positive Possibilities-"I am"
When you unearth yourself from the burden of your limiting thoughts, you begin to live in “I am” presence, that is, in the flow of pure consciousness arising. This is not dependent on thoughts like “I am a doctor,” “I am a mother,” or “I am a yoga teacher.” You are simply “I am.” To add descriptions after that simple truth is to add an I-dentity, a label, a story over what is. You become identified with your actions, rather than rooted in surrendered being. You are a human being,Read More
Positive Possibilities-Creative Process
From the creative cave of my music studio where I have been completing new albums, I was reminded the other day of how the artistic process is cyclical, with ups and downs on the way to completion. I often reflect upon the wise words in the Bhagavad Gita, which says that a yogi is one who acts without attachment to the fruits of his actions. I am blessed with regular reminders of this understanding, which is at the heart of my life’s work and purpose. The tendency may be toRead More
Spiritual awakening-Parvati Devi-Positive Possibilities-'
Enlightenment is a part of everyone’s destiny. As you let go of your perceptions that tell you that you are separate, you come to experience that you, and everything within and around you, are one with infinite consciousness. Then, you realize your divine nature and are able to love and see all equally. Often through a break of your ego’s grip due to the weight of your own suffering, you awaken to a life beyond the pain of a divided “me”. You realize that there is more to life thanRead More
Stand your ground. You may hear the phrase often. Sometimes it is expressed as encouragement to one who too readily gives in and passively allows others to have their way. Other times, you might speak of standing your ground when you feel shaken by adversity or attack. You may stand your ground to defend what feels like your own, to lay claim to territory and assert your sense of propriety. Yet, you live in an unconditionally loving universe. So what is a positive possibilities expression of standing your ground? WhenRead More
Positive Possibilities Morning Sun Parvati
There once was a great spiritual master who was preparing to leave his village to meditate in isolation in the mountains for some time. The master said he would take someone with him to assist with the journey. Many of his devoted students hoped that the saint would choose them for the special trip. But to everyone’s surprise, the master chose the most unlikely person in the village to accompany him: the obnoxious chai boy who ran the local tea stall. As the master and the boy prepared to leaveRead More
A lifetime of travel has led me to appreciate the power of perspective on the moment. At times, as I move through my work day in Toronto, an inner giggle bubbles up from within, and I see the streets of East York as though they were a borough in Scandinavia. The supermarket where I get my daily needs becomes a Tesco in England or a Carrefour in France. Similarly, I have cooked rice over a camp stove by the back of my musical tour van in a campground in NorthRead More
Even though we may say we want change, many of us are actually afraid of it at a deep level. Though we may outwardly express a hope for something new, inwardly we may be in resistance. Holding on to old patterns in our hearts, minds and actions, we find ourselves too often in the same situations over and over again, without the transformation we had anticipated. We may blame circumstance, others, even the divine, for the events in our life. Or we may blame ourselves, getting stuck in self-criticism insteadRead More
The American mythologist, writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell had a lifelong passion for the cohesive mythological threads that run through disparate human cultures. He popularized the concept of the hero’s journey, the path through adventure, challenges, trials, temptations, atonement and victorious return. Campbell said that we must all undertake a hero’s journey to follow our bliss. I find the hero’s journey a useful analogy for the path of spiritual awakening and living our truest selves. Fear and doubt can hold us back from the courage to embark on the hero’sRead More
If you meditate, you may know of the momentary pause that exists between the inhale and exhale. It is a sacred space between thoughts. It opens the gateway to the underlying reality of pure consciousness, beyond the grip of the thinking mind. Athletes and artists touch this place when they are surrendered to their task and time dissolves. The sense of separate self is gone. All that exists is the perfection of what is. Lovers revel here, as life feels perfect and whole. It is as though a million-watt bulbRead More