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The divine is always with us, no matter where we are or what we may be doing. The divine continually showers us with grace-filled flower petals. The question is, are we open? Are we listening for the phone call from the divine? I was in my music studio working on one of five upcoming albums dedicated to MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), when the phone rang. I had been composing and arranging a song for Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity who brings good fortune and removes obstacles along ourRead More
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I have been quite nomadic for most of my adult life—traveled extensively, seen the world, and enjoyed many varied cultures. I have learned to find home wherever I may be. At first, home was literally my backpack in which I carried my necessities. But I have learned to put my pack down now and lessen the load I carry. Who is “doing” anyway? As my spiritual teacher says, when you are on a traveling train, why still hold onto your luggage? The train is my life, and I am carriedRead More
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I get a snapshot of world politics as I move through each day: captions in newspapers and on magazine stands, conversations on social media, and through the atmospheric vibration I touch in my daily meditation practice. I know that there have been clouds of dissension in the ethers for some time. I can see them in the media and sense them in the unseen. Over the past decade, our world has been struggling with increased local and global unrest as well as greater natural disasters. In every moment, all overRead More
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From the creative cave of my music studio, where I am completing five new albums to help raise awareness of MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), I was reminded the other day of how the creative process is cyclical, with many ups and downs. As a yogi, I often reflect upon the wise words in the Bhagavad Gita, which says a yogi is one who acts without attachment to the fruits of his actions. I am blessed with regular reminders of this understanding, which is at the heart of myRead More
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Getting to the Root of Emotional Pain We all have moments and periods in our lives when we feel stuck. When life is not quite flowing the way we want it to be, we need to pause and look within. Once we direct our awareness inward, we will likely find outmoded ways of being that we are holding onto that no longer serve our greatest good. Most of us hold onto the past, stuff it away in the recess of our psyche and hope it will go away. But itRead More
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My jaw dropped recently when I found out all humpback whales, in a given region, sing the same song. The song evolves over time, but it evolves for all of the whales at the same time. Though each may sing a different part in the moment, all give voice to one collection of sounds like an oceanic choir. Being part of several choirs as of a young age and into adulthood, I was always touched by the transcendent feeling of being part of a much greater body than my ownRead More
Compassion more powerful than pity
As we evolve spiritually, we cannot help but feel moved by the suffering we see in the world. The impulse to help alleviate it is a natural reflection of our inherent humanity. Our spiritual practice often gives rise to a greater sense of how connected we are, and as such, that our compassionate actions can serve the world. We must remember, however, that compassion is a sophisticated state of being. It has what the Buddhists term a “near enemy” in pity, which is very different from compassion. Along the roadRead More
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Before I committed to a full-time musical career, I had trained as an architect. I graduated from the highly competitive co-op program at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, and had begun a promising career before I realized that my heart and soul urged me to go in a different direction. Today, though my work is in a recording studio rather than on drafting boards, I am deeply grateful for all I learned as an architect. It informs what I do as an artist—both practically, in terms of theRead More
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Every day, as soon as I wake up, I wash up and head downstairs to my cushion to start my day from a centered place. When I arrived at my meditation seat the other day, all I could feel was my pounding head. I had not had enough sleep, and woke up with a headache. For most of us, our knee-jerk reaction to pain is to either try to push it away with denial, medication or temporary pleasures, or run towards it by projecting judgment or anger at it, asRead More
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When you unearth yourself from the burden of your limiting thoughts, you begin to live in “I am” presence, that is, in the flow of pure consciousness arising. This is not dependent on thoughts like “I am a doctor,” “I am a mother,” or “I am a yoga teacher.” You are simply “I am.” To add descriptions after that simple truth is to add an I-dentity, a label, a story over what is. You become identified with your actions, rather than rooted in surrendered being. You are a human being,Read More