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After my meditation practice the other day, I wrote in my diary: “Resentment is a choice that only hurts myself. It does not change the circumstances or the other person whom I may resent. It festers in me like an uncovered wound that swells with rot.” During my practice, I became aware of a painful incident that I had not yet fully integrated. I had been treated unkindly. I felt hard done by, which in turn led to resentment. As I continued my meditation practice I opened gently and lovingly toRead More
Here are three steps and three touchstones to help you make empowered decisions in your life so that you can create the life you love. Take a moment as you read to contemplate and integrate each one. 1. YES, YOU CAN The arc of your life is not necessarily created by the big choices you face. It is often built upon the smaller choices you make every day. What food to eat, what people you engage, what clothes you wear, or what thoughts you think, you face thousands of decisionsRead More
Image credit: IFRC We may perceive items on our to-do list like objects outside ourselves to be conquered and cleared so that we may eventually find freedom and ease. We may lose sight of gratitude for the grace this moment brings, and succumb to feeling that life is happening to us. Ancient yogis and enlightened masters speak of the shimmering veil of illusions, called Maya in Sanskrit, that makes up our phenomenal world. We think that objects, including our thoughts and perceptions, are solid and fixed, when in fact theyRead More
Image credit: Chris Ford The notion of letting go can be bewildering, conjuring images of “throwing in the towel”, giving in or becoming roadkill to someone else’s overpowering will. From the point of view of the ego, it may seem like giving up, taking a loss or being irresponsible. But when we look deeper, we see that nothing could be further from the truth. When we are stressed, our field of perception narrows. A remnant from our ancestor’s need to run for our lives when chased by a lion in theRead More
Image credit: Alfonso Ramay When we think of achieving, we may quickly visualize something outside ourselves that we need to get to make us happy. But this perspective leads us swiftly to unhappiness, as we work endlessly towards an often elusive goal. We may meet our goals and feel happy for sometime. Then an event takes places that shatters our source of happiness, and once again, we are left listless and unfulfilled. To live this way would be to feel like a hamster running along its wheel, never making progressRead More
Image credit: Sanmitrakale Spring reminds us that life is a renewing force. After the desolate landscape of winter, colourful, tender leaves and new life begin to sprout. As we move about the routine and unexpected events in our lives, it is easy to get caught up in feeling we need to take charge and do everything ourselves. We forget that in every moment, we have Nature’s ever present support. But that which we receive from Nature is beyond its abundant physical resources, such as food and shelter. Nature also providesRead More
Image credit: Andrew Dallos Some popular spiritual teachings simplify our vast interconnection within a multidimensional, evolving whole by encouraging us to use our individual will to create our life. I am all for the power of choice. But the choice we have I feel is different, and far more powerful than this. This kind of willfulness will ultimately create suffering for those who attempt to live by it. The idea that we control circumstances is the other side of the coin of feeling like life’s victim. In both, we perceiveRead More
Image credit: Roy Cheung When I am not on tour, my life is busy preparing to go back on the road. These past months have been full on with new musical works, video and show production and website launching. Thankfully, I have a dedicated meditation practice that helps me revitalize and keep a big picture while being able to be present in the here and now. Every day, as soon as I wake up, I wash up and head downstairs to my cushion to start my day from a centeredRead More
Image credit: Alice Popkorn As we evolve spiritually, we cannot help but feel moved by the suffering we see in the world. An impulse to help alleviate pain is a natural reflection of our inherent humanity. Sitting on our meditation cushion often gives rise to a greater sense of how connected we are, and as such, that our compassionate actions can serve the world. Through compassion, we rest in our underlying sense of oneness. We are humbly no better than or worse than others, but feel connected to all throughRead More
Image credit: Stuart Anthony We are constantly held within the perfect whole. An integral part of the fabric of the universe, we are never separate from anything that exists. However much we may feel that life is against us during difficult times, we are always loved by the compassionate and wise presence of life itself. Consequence is one of life’s best teachers. When we were children, we learned that fire burns when we tried to touch it. The physical pain taught us to never again reach into the flame. AsRead More