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Ana Forrest yoga-emotional healing-shamanic healing, energy healing, spiritual healing, yoga therapy,
For almost four decades, Ana Forrest has been teaching her unique style of yoga and emotional healing. The strongly physical, internally focused practice is also influenced by Native American medicine. Ana remarks, “I don't teach yoga to help people to transcend. I want people's Spirits to reside in their body. I literally want to help people embody their Spirit, not go through life fragmented." Read More
terry laughlin, total immersions swimming, ti swimming
Swim coach Terry Laughlin has revolutionized swimming for people everywhere, particularly Tim Ferriss, who featured him a year ago in his book “Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World”.Read More
JS health-Jessica Sepel-online nutritionist
Online nutritionist, best-selling author, founder of JSHealth—Jessica Sepel is at the forefront of plant-forward cooking and balanced living. She inspires people to incorporate mindfulness and compassion into their lives with approachable recipes, nutrition programs, and cookbooks.Read More
YEM-Yoga as Energy Medicine-Kurmasana - tortoise pose
One of the more introverted yoga poses, this gentle modification of the forward bending Tortoise pose is a welcome relief at the end of a busy day of “doing”. It moves your awareness away from the external and helps you develop greater internal wisdom. It is also a wonderful pose to start your day.Read More
Karma Yoga-Yogis Unite-Christ University, Bangalore India
Science now proves what yogis have known for millennia: when you redirect your energy to giving rather than getting, to serving rather than wanting, your entire biochemistry changes and begins to vibrate at a higher rate. You feel more connected and fulfilled in ways never imagined. A richness begins to grow deep within that banishes unhappiness, gives health and provides a sense of fulfillment. So it is a natural extension of supporting a healthy world that Parvati Magazine and Parvati.org present Yogis Unite, a beautiful opportunity to practice karma yoga—theRead More
Inner smile meditation-Parvati Devi-smile in the mind
“A smile makes you master of yourself. That is why the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas are always smiling. When you smile, you realize the wonder of the smile.” - Thich Nhat HanhRead More
Joel Fuhrman-Fast Food Genocide
Dr. Joel Fuhrman is no stranger to questioning the status quo around nutrition. He has advocated for a plant-based diet and alternative medicine for over three decades, in multiple bestselling books. His latest is the provocatively titled “Fast Food Genocide”, which argues that processed food is killing us and that “we are unwitting participants in an unprecedented and exploding health crisis.”Read More
MUN skincare-prickly pear seed oil-niacinamide benefits, vitamin b3 benefits Mun skincare, Moroccan oil benefits
International makeup artist Munemi Imai developed MŪN: a line of skincare based on wild harvested botanical oils and serums featuring prickly pear seed oil. Imai’s makeup artistry has been featured in leading fashion magazines and models, She spoke with us about her transition from makeup to organic skincare.Read More
Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen, heart centered yoga, yoga lifestyle, Aruba yoga retreat
Rachel Brathen, also known as Yoga Girl, inspires others to see that we are more similar than different. We all want the same things: peace, healing and connection. Read More
Yogis Unite MAPS, Yogis Unite, Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary
I am so inspired by what I’m about to share in this column, that I have given my life’s work to it. It is such a magnificent embodiment of the meaning of yoga, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you will be a part of it too. As you may know, the word Yoga literally means to yoke, to join, a union or a coming together. There are hundreds of millions of us practicing yoga worldwide. Imagine what would happen if we came together for oneRead More