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THREE Cosmetics was founded in Japan by Yasushi Ishibashi at a time when the global beauty market was dominated by Western brands. A favourite of beauty editors in Japan, THREE takes a holistic yet modern approach when it comes to its cosmetic and skin care offering. We spoke to the founder about where green beauty is headed in Japan and the unique native ingredients in their line. This interview took place in Japanese. It has been translated, edited and condensed. Green and clean beauty from Japan Parvati Magazine: Mr. Ishibashi,Read More
sensitive skin, may lindstrom skin, blue cocoon
May Lindstrom started making natural beauty items like mud and honey masks from childhood, out of necessity: her sensitive skin would go into rashes or even blisters from the products her peers were using. Her youthful creativity has grown up into a beauty company dedicated to a minimal yet comprehensive line of pure and potent skin care. Read More
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It’s not hard to see why stars like Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde have fallen for Josh Rosebrook’s luxuriant, all-natural line of skin and hair treatment. Read More
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Irrepressibly joyous and playfully poetic, life partners and Living Libations owners Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia co-create a botanical health and beauty line like no other, pure and vibrant with essential oils. Their full-hearted passion for the quality, beauty and sensory experience of their work is obvious. Their devoted fan following, including several celebrities, responds with enthusiasm. We interviewed Nadine and Ron about their creative synergy and unique offering.Read More
MUN skincare-prickly pear seed oil-niacinamide benefits, vitamin b3 benefits Mun skincare, Moroccan oil benefits
International makeup artist Munemi Imai developed MŪN: a line of skincare based on wild harvested botanical oils and serums featuring prickly pear seed oil. Imai’s makeup artistry has been featured in leading fashion magazines and models, She spoke with us about her transition from makeup to organic skincare.Read More
OSEA Malibu, natural skincare, seaweed skincare, vegan skincare
Interview with Jenefer Palmer, founder of natural skincare company OSEA Malibu Inspired by the sea’s healing properties, OSEA was founded over 20 years ago as a natural skincare line free from toxins and synthetics. We spoke to OSEA founder Jenefer Palmer about the key ingredient of bioavailable seaweed on which OSEA is based, and her brand’s family roots in wellness. Parvati Magazine: OSEA products are created with an organic seaweed base. What do you love about seaweed that prompted you to put it in all of your products? Jenefer Palmer:Read More
Natural Nail Polish_Kure Bazaar
Summertime is the perfect opportunity to adorn your fingers and toes with an array of colours. If you love nail polish, you might know that the availability of top-notch natural nail polish lines does not compare to the wide range of natural skincare and makeup companies. Given that, it was a treat to speak to Kartika Luyet, the co-founder of Kure Bazaar—an award-winning natural-based nail polish line with over 60 colours. Parvati Magazine spoke with Kartika about the beginnings of Kure Bazaar, and how their no-compromise standards led to success.Read More
organic beauty products from Ecco-Bella
Ecco Bella is a pioneer of natural and organic beauty products. Founded by Sally Malanga over 23 years ago, Ecco Bella is based in New Jersey and features a comprehensive line of body, hair and face care products, makeup, and perfume. We interviewed Darlene Zembrod, the New Product Development Coordinator at Ecco Bella, about their approach. Parvati Magazine: We appreciate your philosophy, “Every decision we make about what to use on our bodies or to eat affects not only us, but the planet.” Tell us more about the inspiration behindRead More
Natural Beauty 100% Pure with Susie Wang
This month Parvati Magazine spoke to Susie Wang, the founder and chief creative of 100% Pure. After disappointing experiences developing high-end mainstream cosmetics, she created 100% Pure in 2005: products with organic and natural ingredients, void of toxins and chemicals. Parvati Magazine: 100% Pure carries a large and comprehensive range of natural beauty products in makeup, body, hair and face care, with a strong following on social media. What do you attribute your success to? Susie Wang: To start, we were the first company to develop healthy, natural beauty productsRead More
Organic Skincare_RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty is home to award-winning luminous face products and vibrant makeup. We spoke with founder Rose-Marie Swift about their stand-out products, the unnatural side of the natural beauty industry and the spring makeup trend she is loving! Parvati Magazine: You state that in your process of learning about the cosmetic industry, you found that many natural ingredients end up like man-made chemicals. How does that happen? What should customers be aware of when purchasing natural products? Rose-Marie Swift: I discovered the majority of ingredients used for natural cosmetics (organicRead More