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Cottage Beauty Tips: Summer Getaway Grooming Let’s face it: having a cottage to go to in the summertime is more valuable than Apple stock. Getting away from the smog and bustle of the city is much needed to help you relax your mind, get back to nature, and let your pores decongest from pollution. So, here are my top six picks for cottage beauty care – with things that will definitely be making their way into my rucksack.  1. Biodegradable Beauty Make sure that you bring natural, biodegradable skin, hair, andRead More
I’m not one for fad supplements. I don’t believe that there are any miracles cures beyond listening to your body and caring for it against the subtle imbalances we feel. But I can’t say enough about the amazing properties of Turmeric (aka Curcumin). This yellow spice, best known for its presence in curry, is a bit of a super herb. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-carcinogen. Renowned Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vasant Lad, once said during a lecture that Turmeric is one of the best things to takeRead More
As someone with pigmented spots, I try to be very careful about sun exposure. It is unfortunate that I find the sun so addictive. I don’t think there is anything more comforting than being swathed in the sun’s rays and feeling its uplifting brightness halo my body—you can see why I have pigmentation. Now, I have to admit that when I lived in Australia I got some pretty bad burns, and a lot of it had to do with a misconception of sun protection. I will begin by giving youRead More
In my line of work, I have had many people admit to me the cosmetic procedures they have had done or are planning to do. From clients with grand blueprints for how they will reconstruct their faces to little timid guilt admissions, I have heard some pretty amazing things. But the other day, one of my closest friends told me she was considering getting a pretty intensive treatment done. To respect her privacy, I won’t go into details about what it is, but I will say that even after theRead More
Bowel health is imperative for beautiful skin. This was emphasized when I saw a long-time client recently who formerly had majorly congested skin and now had a clear, glowing complexion. She had only been eliminating twice a week, and we had her taking some gentle laxative so she started to go a minimum of once per day. Clarifying the gastrointestinal tract really helps clarify the skin. I know, it may sound unorthodox, but as a holistic esthetician, the frequency of bowel movements is usually one of my first inquiries forRead More
I recently did a castor oil cleanse to address excess vata in my body and improve circulation. (It’s also said to be excellent for clearing up skin conditions.) I tracked the changes in my body, but have also learned about the cleansing process itself. I have realized that the cleansing process is a sacred one that must be done with more gentleness and preparedness than I have done it. I have often viewed cleanses as trials in discipline, and I have gotten a sense of accomplishment from their completion. ButRead More
We’re in the last leg of winter, and if you are like me, your skin has taken quite the battering from the cold, dry season. Solution? A homemade scrub made with sugar and olive oil? Hmmm… A once-over with my limp shower puff? Nuh-uh. It’s time to bring out the heavy-weight of exfoliation: dry brushing. There is a time for gentleness, and a time to take charge – and when we reach the end of winter and prepare ourselves for glorious spring is when we need some real renewal. ForRead More

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Beauty: Beauty Secret #9: Love, by Kristen Ma

I went to an Ayurvedic seminar in New Mexico a few years back – but while the course was about marmani (the Ayurvedic version of acupressure), I learnt about something that is even more meaningful: love. Love? Now I know what you are thinking: Put away the prayer beads and fisherman pants and start talking to me about real beauty tips. But what I realized is that being beautiful and open-hearted are one and the same… even in a very direct way. Dr. Lad (the teacher of my course, aRead More
After a busy and festive holiday season, here are some tips on how to stay gorgeous despite late nights and fast times. 1. Oil up! You know I love oils, and I’m going to recommend them again. After a night of drinking, our skin is prey to massive dehydration. Slather your face in oil before going to bed and it will prevent flakes, dehydration lines and breakouts. Yep, many of us break out from dehydration, so this quick step will help you bypass blemishes through skin nourishment. I know someRead More
Eczema is actually one of the most common skin ailments I deal with, and it is so mistreated. I think this stems from the fact that dermatologically we don’t really know what it is and have come to no real conclusions as to its cause. Usually, a dermatologist will just send you home with a prescription for cortisone – which unfortunately is a steroid that suppresses your immune response and thins your skin over time. It’s also a confusing condition because it is expressed in so many different ways. SomeRead More