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As a personal trainer, I have had hundreds of conversations with people about their bodies. Particularly how they are unhappy, frustrated, and sometimes even disgusted with their bodies. The ability to love oneself seems to be a lost art. Most are so very quick to judge how they look and their ability or inability to stay focused on goals. Your body and energy levels are a result of what you have eaten, the workouts you have done and your mindset about your worth over the past several months, and maybeRead More

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Fitness: Holistic Training, with Julie Rammal

Image credit: Fit n’ Style When I was 18 I used to love to dance, but was with a boyfriend who did not accept it. To escape the domestic violent relationship I turned to fitness. I used to work out in the gym and watch everyone exercise, and learn as much as I could from observation. After spending numerous hours in the gym, I decided to get into the fitness industry and started taking online courses then finally travelled abroad to California and completed my Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, TRXRead More
As a long time runner and athlete, I thought I had awareness of my body. I knew that running a short distance in snow boots caused ankle pain, a lack of sleep caused heavy legs during a run, and a lack of electrolytes caused a headache. After a training cycle last fall left me fatigued, injured and far short of my running goals, I decided to try the Maffetone Method (MAF). The idea behind MAF is that in endurance events lasting 2 or more hours, 99% of effort comes fromRead More
This month, Parvati Magazine spoke with Erwan Le Corre, founder and master instructor of MovNat, a fitness practice which emphasizes natural movement. Parvati Magazine: What is MovNat and what inspired you to create it? Erwan Le Corre: MovNat is the method for practicing, or coaching, Natural Movement fitness. We define Natural Movement as the overall practice of human natural movement skills such as crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and defensive skills. This concept was inspired by my own childhood growing up and moving a lotRead More
Developing a New Mindset is the Key to Having it ALL! Committing to a daily workout, minimum of four days a week, is key. What is the one sure way to ensure you do that? You must reprogram your mind. You must stop seeing yourself as someone who is on a diet, “trying “ to lose weight, fat, or pounds. Let’s say you are a non-smoker, on your way to the store to buy a magazine. You do not think before going to the store, “I hope I can avoidRead More
I grew up on Prince Edward Island, Canada, where you’d have to try hard to be more than 25 minutes’ drive from a body of water. In this environment, everyone learned to swim as a child. It was as essential a life skill in childhood as driving would become in our teen years. When I was a kid, summer meant my brother and I would check the newspaper to find out when the tide was high that day, then plan a trip accordingly, piling barefoot into my mother’s car, sittingRead More
The warmer weather for me always starts a change in my eating habits. In cooler temperatures, I love a great bowl of hot soup loaded with tons of veggies and quinoa. I truly could live off soup when it’s cold outside. The change in season brings with it not only the heat but a change in what I like to eat. This is a time to lighten up my meals. I crave leafy greens, cucumber, grated Kohlrabi, radishes, and grilled zucchini – anything quick to prepare, and easily digested. EvenRead More
Eva Dvorackova is a fitness instructor and brand ambassador, based in Dubai, with a growing social media following in English and Polish. She recently gave birth to twins and has resumed her work as an instructor. We asked her to share a bit about her journey and advice to others. Parvati Magazine: Fitness has been a passion for you. When did you know it had to be your profession too? Eva Dvorackova: I first started to train as a teenager. This passion never left me. With only two breaks IRead More

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Fitness: MyFitnessPal, with Mike Lee

Now on the smartphones of people everywhere looking to manage their weight and fitness, MyFitnessPal has gone from a homegrown calorie-tracking website to help a couple prepare for a beach wedding, to a $475-million company with over 90 million registered app users. We asked Mike Lee, the co-founder and CEO, about the power of this fitness app. Parvati Magazine: How effective is MyFitnessPal as a tool for weight management? Mike Lee: Keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss according to a 2008 study from Kaiser Permanente’s CenterRead More
Training doesn’t always have to be structured and goal-oriented to yield results. We tend to get caught up in “getting the skill” or “getting a good workout,” and while those goals have their place, if we never take the time to explore movement without any specific goals in mind, we lose out on a sense of play and freedom. In this post, we’ll look at what play is, why we think it’s important for everyone to engage in, and we’ll give you 3 movements to try out. Unlike the structuredRead More