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It seems as though overnight the evenings have already turned cooler here in Oakville, signifying the return of Fall. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. There is something about the leaves changing colour, shorter days, a need for boots and a sweater, that gives me a feeling of peace and homecoming. I am sure it goes back to my childhood and return to school, with the opportunity to see friends who were absent over the summer due to travel, family obligations, work and the multitude of activitiesRead More
We certainly have had an abundance of heat this summer season. I cannot remember a summer where it has been this hot, so early and for so long. We have had temps reaching 99 degrees F on several occasions this year in the Toronto area and it’s only early July as I write this. The heat certainly does impose a certain effect on any outdoor workouts you may be doing. Accepting what you have to work with or in, is better than complaining about what cannot be changed. You couldRead More
Summer is finally here! Fewer and smaller pieces of clothing are in order. This provides motivational qualities to stay on top of working out, so we feel and look our very best. The heat however can also throw a wrench in that theory if you prefer to avoid overly air-conditioned gyms. Whether you are in the city, or have the pleasure of being at a cottage up north, there are many fun and exciting ways to burn calories and remain active in the scorching heat. Before hitting your local patioRead More
Many of the activities I mentioned in Part 1 can also be done at the cottage, of course. However, most cottages have the benefit of being equipped with large bodies of water, floating docks, kayaks, rowboats, tubes and canoes which make it seem as though you are not working out at all, you are just enjoying the great outdoors while playing. That’s the very best physical activity you can get if you ask me. You can take out the canoe or kayak for a tour down the river or acrossRead More
The warmer weather for me always starts a change in my eating habits. In cooler temperatures,  I love a great bowl of hot soup loaded with tons of veggies and quinoa. I truly could live off soup when it’s cold outside. The change in season brings with it not only the heat but a change in what I like to eat. This is a time to lighten up my meals. I crave leafy greens, cucumber, grated Kohlrabi, radishes, and grilled zucchini – anything quick to prepare, and easily digested. EvenRead More
“My body”, “my meat suit”, “the vessel I use to experience this planet”, whatever you want to call it, one fact remains: Each of us has only one body for this lifetime. How we fuel it, care for it, and maintain it, is solely up to the individual owner. Ideally, we hydrate it with clean water and energize it with whole, real food which has not been processed by man in an attempt to improve upon what Mother Nature has abundantly provided. Even though most of us probably have someRead More
By the time this article hits the web, there will be less than ten weeks to the May 24th long weekend. To those of us in Canada, this is epic! Our first real taste of warmth, time with friends, and if we’re fortunate maybe it will mean time spent on a dock with a cold one in hand on a lake in Muskoka! Our first long weekend to kick off the summer. A highlight of the year for those of us who love the outdoors for sure! It also meansRead More
Continued from Getting Ready for Warm Weather Clothing Here are some steps you can take to cleanse yourself of unwanted habits this spring: 1.     Remove all processed foods from your home. Chips, ice cream, crackers, canned fruits and veggies, pop, and the like. If it didn’t at one time grow on a tree, vine or in the ground, swim, walk or fly, get rid of it. When cravings hit, and they will, no matter where you hide it, you will find it. Don’t do that to yourself! Just don’t haveRead More
I literally laughed out loud when I saw the topic for this month’s article. Even the best of us fall off the wagon sometimes, and I have been stuck in many ways the past several weeks. Workouts were sporadic at best. My eating was… well, let’s just say there is plenty of room for improvement, and not mention my affair with coconut cappuccino ice cream! This stuck mode was even stalling my relationship with my man. I wanted to discuss a topic with him for weeks, but didn’t bring itRead More

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Fitness: Love Yourself, by Sandra O’Brien

As a personal trainer, I have had hundreds of conversations with people about their bodies. Particularly how they are unhappy, frustrated, and sometimes even disgusted with their bodies. The ability to love oneself seems to be a lost art. Most are so very quick to judge how they look and their ability or inability to stay focused on goals. Your body and energy levels are a result of what you have eaten, the workouts you have done and your mindset about your worth over the past several months, and maybeRead More