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It is the New Year. The year ahead feels like a clean, clear slate, full of possibilities. You may have a list of things you would like to see happen in the coming months. You may feel open, ready and willing to grow. Yet, high hopes can soon feel dashed when you meet naysayers in the world around you or internal limiting beliefs that say you can’t be truly happy. Of these two, your internal chatter is most like Superman’s Kryptonite. People’s negative comments only have power if you believeRead More
Image credit: Neil Piddock The divine means many things to different people. For some, it is formless, expansive light. Others see the sacred in nature, such as in a tree, a mountain, an animal or a river. Many traditions relate to God as a male figurehead, while others worship the divine mother. However we see the divine, what is essential is that we touch the reality of unity behind the appearance of diversity. The divine is ultimately pure, unconditional love, and as such, it will express itself to us inRead More
Image credit: Jeff Wallace Being present is a balance between focused attention on what is directly happening now, and broad awareness that this moment is part of a vast, intelligent unfolding, of which we are an integral part. I invite you to take a quiet moment and check in with yourself. Find a relaxed place where you feel safe and undisturbed. Close your eyes and lie back, or sit quietly with a relaxed gaze. Breathe deeply, several long breaths. Allow your awareness to move inward and down through your body.Read More
Image credit: Alice Popkorn The Sanskrit word sankalpa refers to making a serious intention or vow, in which you resolve to take a specific action and/or to ensure that something will come to pass. When a sankalpa is made in clarity, humility and enthusiasm, it can be very powerful. It provides us with the vision, energy and momentum in realizing our goals. But how do you know if the resolve you are making is aligned with your highest good? You may believe that a million dollars, a new house orRead More
Image credit: Paul Dunleavy The classic fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” is a personal favorite. The story is about a hare that mocks the slow-moving tortoise and challenges him to a race. With cocky confidence, the hare quickly leaves the hare behind. Then, with a strong lead in the race, the hare decides to take a nap. He awakens to find the tortoise crawling slowly and steadily across the finish line before him. Our minds are like the hare, jumping around, racing ahead in spurts and starts, yet asleepRead More
Image credit: Jason Samfield If we could step outside our fixed ideas of reality more often, if we could learn to pause the habit brain that tells us that we are unsafe and must fight; that we are not loved and must want, if we could let go of trying to conquer life, we might just find that what we have been hungrily seeking has been with us all along. Those who meditate may know of this place, the space between breaths, the momentary pause that exists between the inhaleRead More
Image credit: Mark Dumont When we contemplate the ways in which we are attached to doing in order to feel a sense of purpose, we quickly see that we are habituated into thinking that we are the very force that gives us life. We may have lost sight of the life force that flows through us to sustain us in each moment. We have forgotten that we are in essence that very flow. Going with the flow is not passive, but an intelligent recalibration of the notion of who orRead More
Image credit: Erica Parée My spiritual teacher, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, lovingly known as Amma or the Hugging Saint reminds us of the true purpose of our lives. She says, “The goal in life is God realization. Strive for That!” But what is God realization? For many, the notion of God is an elusive force somewhere in the distance, be it a bearded man in the sky, or a mysterious force that is somehow beyond us. God to me is our true, essential nature (the deeper substratum that we are)Read More
Image credit: Olivier Theraulx Just sit there right now Don’t do a thing Just rest. For your separation from God, From love, Is the hardest work In this World. ~Hafiz You are here in this life with a unique gift to share. It is your quest to reveal this light and your purpose to live in such a way that shines that light out to others. This ever-present light is a gift from the Divine and your connection with your soul. It is always there. It has always been there.Read More
Compassion is born in our being when we rest in the knowing of our inherent oneness with all that is. It flowers as our ego dies and we are born into the reality of our eternal Self. It is a divine nectar that flows effortlessly when we are willing to let go of the stories that keep us feeling separate, important and ultimately alone. As your heart continues to bloom and you release the grip of your ego, here are some powerful thoughts I ask you to consider. Find aRead More