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Every morning I wake and have a sense of gratitude to a universe that has given me life and the opportunity of a new day. The day I turned 30, I made a vow to make every day count. By that, I meant count for some form of compassion, clarity, service or spiritual reflection to be present in each and every day. My journey towards ‘enlightenment’ officially began in my early 20s, when I first attended a class given by a Buddhist monk, Ananda Bodhi Bikkhu in Toronto, Canada. ButRead More
The wearing of masks goes back a long way throughout human history. The word ‘mask’ denotes protection and disguise. In the use of ritual mask wearing, the wearer takes on the personality of the mask and as the creation of such a mask is considered, in some cultures, to be a sacred task, the wearing of the mask is a sacred duty to present, through dance and sound, an aspect of human nature that is significant. Masks are also thought to carry the power of the unseen world to usRead More
When we are young, summer seems endless; but when we are older, it seems all too short. Our sense of time is elastic but as summer draws to an end, the days get shorter, the nights cooler and looking ahead we feel either a sense of excitement or dread. When life is full of meaning, we experience this transition time as one of excitement. A small frisson of anticipation enters our hearts and bodies. But what if we view the coming autumn with dread, a sinking feeling at the pitRead More
Effort is an important part of the spiritual life, but so is acceptance. Many of us who are engaged in actively pursuing spirituality and enlightenment carry a strong sense of destiny that impels us to search, to study, to practice and finally to teach. Being open to accepting such a destiny can seem hard, at times, even isolating. Those who are thoroughly entranced by the world of consuming and exhibiting their wealth, their importance and their materialistic approach to life, can view those of us who are inclined to reflectionRead More
Why is it that so many people who are on a spiritual quest seem to be so somber and earnest?  We know some scientists postulate that laughter can actually be part of the healing process, so why does spiritual activity seem so serious?  I recently taught a class where someone whom I had not seen for a number of years said to me, “I had forgotten how funny you are!”  Where is the place for humour and fun on the journey to enlightenment? Because laughter loosens, it helps to liftRead More
In the midst of ordinary life, finding time to answer a spiritual thirst can seem impossible. We are ‘too busy’, have too many calls on our time already and can be forgiven for postponing spiritual work until some mythical date when we will ‘have time’ for it. Besides, spiritual search can seem mysterious and heavy, as we carry our burdens into our quest. But there are things we can do that are nourishing to the spirit and can help us to move in our chosen direction. We can easily doRead More
That which we see and experience as life is really not solid and fixed. Life is the dance of pure consciousness arising. We often don’t understand this eternal truth, because we want to believe that the impermanent, that which is passing, will be permanent. So when moods change, people come and go, things break and fall away, we experience disappointment, heartbreak and pain. A certain inner space is required to recognize, see through and eventually let go of these temporary incorrect perceptions. That is where meditation comes in. The practiceRead More
The mind’s ability to continuously produce one thought after another is utterly amazing and, at times, annoying too. Thoughts, most often, are the first response of our mind-body system to external stimuli. In today’s world, where our senses are continuously bombarded with information, it is not an easy task to control our first reactions – thoughts – in response to the external stimuli. Thoughts are also a continuous internal dialogue all of us engage in, the meaning and emotional associations of one thought triggering the next, usually without us beingRead More
If we are going to get rid of excess and meet the energy of spring, we will meet the energy of change. Acceptance is not blind and resigned, but active and awake. Life is not happening to you; you are an active co-creator in actualizing what is. You are not an isolated island, but part of an intelligent whole. So try this exercise to help you feel more rooted, expansive and vital in your life and embrace the possibility of change: 1. Find a quiet place to lie on yourRead More
(Continued from Positive Possibilities Living: What Is Emotional Pain?) Being present is a balance between focused attention on what is directly happening now, and broad awareness that this moment is part of a vast, intelligent unfolding, of which we are an integral part. Practice I invite you to take a quiet moment and check in with yourself. Find a relaxed place where you feel safe and undisturbed. Close your eyes and lie back, or sit quietly with a relaxed gaze. Breathe deeply, several long breaths. Allow your awareness to moveRead More