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Founder of Finding Vegan and Healthy Happy Life, food blogger and entrepreneur Kathy Patalsky’s self-described mission is “to inspire everyday people to eat more plants, embrace their natural compassion towards animals, and show love to their own souls and bodies — all while changing the world one vegan meal at a time.” We spoke with her about her passion for delicious food and personal empowerment. Parvati Magazine: Your website is filled with beautiful photos of delicious food and your passion for what you do is present throughout the site. HowRead More
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Image credit: Colleen Sheehan Keri Glassman is a crusader for conscious living and mindful eating. Creator of Nutritious Life, Keri brings a customized, whole-person approach to living beyond fad diets and exercise trends. This month Keri inspires us with her journey to holistic living, feeling empowered, and the “eight pillars” of a nutritious life. This conversation has been condensed and edited. Parvati Magazine: As a college athlete, you struggled with the disconnect between your body’s needs and what society seemed to consider the “ideal” female form. Keri Glassman: It wasRead More
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Since experiencing the healing powers of food, Lexi Davidson has been on a mission to create unique recipes that transcend dietary labels and help others tackle their own health hurdles. Through Lexi’s Clean Kitchen blog and cookbook, she develops approachable recipes free from common allergens and negative health instigators, while still delivering the taste and gratification people crave. Discover this month what inspires Lexi’s creations, as she speaks to Parvati Magazine about her food-filled travel experiences, and why she transformed her diet and lifestyle to heal her gut.Read More
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Holistic nutritionist, author, and creator of Joyous Health, Joy McCarthy is a force of nature. With fresh, realistic, sustainable approaches to eating and living, Joy provides tips and tricks for feeling fabulous. Be inspired this month as Joy talks about her dynamic path to good health and shares her experience with motherhood, food and vitality.Read More
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Online nutritionist, best-selling author, founder of JSHealth—Jessica Sepel is at the forefront of plant-forward cooking and balanced living. She inspires people to incorporate mindfulness and compassion into their lives with approachable recipes, nutrition programs, and cookbooks.Read More
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Being plant-based does not have to mean missing out on classic comfort foods, and Follow Your Heart is here to prove that. What once was a vegan fad has turned into a movement, appealing to meat-eaters and herbivores alike. This month, plant-based pioneer Follow Your Heart talks to Parvati Magazine about the benefits—personal and planetary—of choosing their products. Bringing an innovative selection of delicious dairy-free alternatives to the market, Follow Your Heart fosters enthusiasm for a more plant-based future. Parvati Magazine: Follow Your Heart provides vegan substitutes for popular dairyRead More
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New Zealander chef, mom and food blogger Emma Galloway was raised on the values of local and seasonal food by a family that grew much of its own vegetables with organic permaculture methods. Discovering that her children had food allergies prompted her to become creative in developing and sharing gluten-free vegetarian recipes, which was the kernel for her site “My Darling Lemon Thyme”. Parvati Magazine interviews her about her unique perspective on healthy eating. Parvati Magazine: How did growing up vegetarian and eating from your own garden influence your relationshipRead More
Ellie Krieger is an American nutritionist who has worked alongside Michelle Obama on her “Let’s Move” campaign and hosts the television cooking series “Ellie’s Real Good Food”. Parvati Magazine talked with Ellie about transitioning to a wholesome, nutrition-packed diet. Parvati Magazine: What does “real, good food” mean to you and what inspired this as your brand? Ellie Krieger: I always love a play on words, and food that is both real and good has multiple meanings that speak to my core food philosophy. Said together “real good” describes food thatRead More
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Laura is a culinary school graduate with extensive experience in the restaurant industry and an appreciation for agriculture, which has influenced her passion for cooking plant-based foods. Laura believes staying connected to the Earth is an important aspect of our health. Parvati Magazine caught up with Laura to talk about her passion for cooking, her seasonal approach to diet and the inspiration behind her cookbooks. Parvati Magazine: It’s clear from your work that food is a real delight for you. When did you first know you wanted to make itRead More
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Gena Hamshaw is the architect behind “The Full Helping”, a popular website that educates people on the health benefits of plant based eating. Parvati Magazine caught up with her to talk about eating whole, nutrient dense foods with a focus on living a richer, more fulfilling life. Parvati Magazine: Many people can relate to your story. What would you say was the catalyst to begin your healing journey? Gena Hamshaw: For me, the catalyst to healing was wanting to live a richer, fuller, bigger life. Anorexia kept me closed offRead More