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Being plant-based does not have to mean missing out on classic comfort foods, and Follow Your Heart is here to prove that. What once was a vegan fad has turned into a movement, appealing to meat-eaters and herbivores alike. This month, plant-based pioneer Follow Your Heart talks to Parvati Magazine about the benefits—personal and planetary—of choosing their products. Bringing an innovative selection of delicious dairy-free alternatives to the market, Follow Your Heart fosters enthusiasm for a more plant-based future. Parvati Magazine: Follow Your Heart provides vegan substitutes for popular dairyRead More
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Holistic Functional Training vs. Traditional Isolated Training Methods “Understanding and being in harmony with yourself opens the gate to higher levels of self-awareness and contentment.” Ricky Warren brings this mentality to life with his gym Bodyweight Gurus. Ricky’s coaching style is based on form, precision, and alignment. He uses knowledge of human biomechanics to ensure maximum performance and adapts his programs to include physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques. About Bodyweight Gurus Parvati Magazine: What inspired you to start Bodyweight Gurus? What does the name mean? Ricky Warren: In Sanskrit, the wordRead More
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YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, by Parvati Interconnection and humility go naturally together. The more we feel our interconnection, the more humble we become, knowing that we can never exist separate from it all. The more humble we are, the more we can sense our interconnection. Wonderfully, we can cultivate both at the same time through the practice of yoga. Malasana, or Garland Pose, is an example of this. The balancing crouch allows us to practice balance while staying low to the ground, anchored in humility. A mala is aRead More
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Interview with Jenefer Palmer, founder of natural skincare company OSEA Malibu Inspired by the sea’s healing properties, OSEA was founded over 20 years ago as a natural skincare line free from toxins and synthetics. We spoke to OSEA founder Jenefer Palmer about the key ingredient of bioavailable seaweed on which OSEA is based, and her brand’s family roots in wellness. Parvati Magazine: OSEA products are created with an organic seaweed base. What do you love about seaweed that prompted you to put it in all of your products? Jenefer Palmer:Read More
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Parvati Magazine interviews Dr. Dan Siegel on his new book, “Aware” In his latest offering “Aware”, psychiatrist Dr. Dan Siegel guides the reader to cultivate conscious awareness and feel more integrated, through a meditative practice using the “Wheel of Awareness” framework he created. “Aware” combines psychology with mindfulness and even quantum physics. Parvati Magazine caught up with him to find out more. Parvati Magazine: Tell us about “Aware”. Dan Siegel: I wrote this book to give readers an opportunity to learn a basic reflective practice using the Wheel of Awareness.Read More
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We tend to think of painful things as mistakes and the good stuff as luck. Or perhaps we think of what we like as grace, a gift from beyond, and things we don’t like as a curse. However we choose to see the moment and understand our life, at some point we ask, what is grace? Do we have control over it? How can we amplify it? Where does it come from? Many of us are walking around through our days wanting life to be different, wondering why it isRead More
More Together Than Alone-Mark Nepo-
We are becoming increasingly aware that in our busy, agitated world, disconnection from the people around us is an epidemic that hurts our well-being on all levels. Social isolation is now linked with chronic disease. Wellness Editor Dr. Karen Ho spoke with celebrated poet, writer and philosopher Mark Nepo about the critical need for community-building, and its deeper roots and significance in our world today. Parvati Magazine: What is community, and why is it so important? Mark Nepo: The word community derives from the Latin, commun, meaning “common.” The sameRead More
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Dr. Chelsea Jackson is actively working to make Western yoga more inclusive and reach marginalized communities. Parvati Magazine’s Yoga Editor, Ella Isakov, speaks to Chelsea about yoga as a tool for social change. Chelsea Jackson: My ideas become reality because I am rooted in a knowing that I am a continuation of work that started way before I arrived.Read More
Gluten-free Vegetarian-Emma Galloway
New Zealander chef, mom and food blogger Emma Galloway was raised on the values of local and seasonal food by a family that grew much of its own vegetables with organic permaculture methods. Discovering that her children had food allergies prompted her to become creative in developing and sharing gluten-free vegetarian recipes, which was the kernel for her site “My Darling Lemon Thyme”. Parvati Magazine interviews her about her unique perspective on healthy eating. Parvati Magazine: How did growing up vegetarian and eating from your own garden influence your relationshipRead More
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Summertime is the perfect opportunity to adorn your fingers and toes with an array of colours. If you love nail polish, you might know that the availability of top-notch natural nail polish lines does not compare to the wide range of natural skincare and makeup companies. Given that, it was a treat to speak to Kartika Luyet, the co-founder of Kure Bazaar—an award-winning natural-based nail polish line with over 60 colours. Parvati Magazine spoke with Kartika about the beginnings of Kure Bazaar, and how their no-compromise standards led to success.Read More